Jodie Foster remembers being picked up by a lion on a movie set

While taking a walk down memory lane, Jodie Foster revealed how a lion picked her up in its mouth while on the set of the 1972 film. Napoleon and Samantha.

During his recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show Foster recalled her terrifying experience with the lion. She was 9 years old while Napoleon and Samantha was in production.

“We finished a take and I was walking up the hill,” Jodie Foster said. “And all I remember is that I saw her hair spinning away from her.

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That’s when the lion picked Foster up on her side, shook her in his mouth and spun her around. “Every member of the team was running in the opposite direction,” she continued. “And I was kind of looking askance at everyone, and they took their equipment too. I’m watching everyone walk away and say, ‘What’s going on?'”

Jodie Foster then heard the lion’s trainer say: “Leave it.” As the lion was thus trained, the animal opened its mouth and dropped its mouth. “I went for a run,” Foster declared. She also said that the lion came later. “[He] He put a paw on me and then waited like ‘I’ve got her.'”

According to IMDb, Nepeloen and Samantha follows two young children who, rather than part with an old pet lion who was once a circus performer, undertake a tough hike through the mountains to stay with a reclusive friend. Those who starred in the film alongside Foster were Michael Douglas, Johnny Whitaker, Will Greer and Arch Johnson.

Natalie Portman recently said she bonded with Jodie Foster for ‘being sexualized as a young actress’

During the recent episode of Without intelligence podcast, Star Wars Star Natalie Portman has opened up about how she and Jodie Foster bonded over being sexualized as a young actress.

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“I talked to her much later,” Portman said of Foster. “Which was amazing. “I gave a speech at a women’s march about sexualization as a young actress and she reached out to me after that, we talked and it was amazing.”

Portman also said that Jodie Foster remains a role model for her. She then reflected on how to let up your guard when it comes to the entertainment industry. “I feel like it’s still amazing that it exists,” she said. “But I feel like that projection of seriousness protected me in a way because I feel like it was almost like a warning sign, like ‘Oh, don’t give him s**t.’ “It’s not that anyone likes it, you know, deserves it or is asking for it, but I felt like that was my unconscious way of doing it.”

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