Jessica Biel doesn’t know how to use TikTok and misses the pagers of the 90s

Jessica Biel says she doesn’t know how the young generation behaves today.

The 41 year old man Seventh sky The star was at the premiere of the second season of cruel summer with his co-executive producer Michelle Purple.

When asked what she missed about the ’90s, Jessica said she missed the simpler times with less social pressure, when she “had her pager and knew how to do those pages, 143.” “She knew all those codes,” she said.

Keep reading to know more…Jessica and her husband Justin Timberlake have been joking around on different social media sites after Justin reacted to a comment left on one of his TikTok videos that said, “I don’t know who you are, but your girlfriend looks like Jessica Biel.” He later joked about the mix-up in a video, writing, “From now on I’ll just go by ‘Jessica Biel’s Boyfriend.’”

Jessica later responded by sharing a selfie on Instagram with Justin and captioned the photo, “My boyfriend.”

Jessica’s co-executive producer Michelle Purple then revealed the reason why the married couple has been going back and forth on social media on the two different platforms.

Michelle called her and told Extra, “We realized she doesn’t know how to use TikTok.” Jessica jokingly told him, “Shut up! Making me explode like this all the time!

Jessica then clarified her experience on social media, saying, “I’ve never actually done TikTok before… is that what you say?”

If you didn’t see it, Jessica Biel was able to join her on screen Seventh sky Sister Beverly Mitchell at the Freeform Season 2 Premiere cruel summer.

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