Jenna Ortega’s New Movie Is Going To Be Her Most Controversial Yet


  • Miller’s Girls could put Jenna Ortega’s career at risk due to its controversial teacher-student relationship storyline.
  • The film seems to perpetuate the harmful stereotype of young women seducing older men, possibly ignoring the crimes against women.
  • However, if “Miller’s Girls” aims to dissect harmful stereotypes and spark meaningful discussion, it could be good for Ortega’s career and lead to more thought-provoking characters.

Jenna Ortega’s latest movies, miller girl, could mean her most challenging role yet, but could also bring some major controversy.The actor’s career has been on a definite upward trajectory in recent years, following her turn in the popular Netflix series Wednesday cementing her stardom.Ortega seems to have quite the horror skills, tracking down creepy things addams family Derivatives scream six.Public recognition is high and the star has a great career, but miller girl There may be certain risks.

Starring Ortega Hobbit and black hunterMartin Freeman trailer miller girl Cairo Sweet, an 18-year-old college student, and her much older professor, Jonathan Miller, are introduced. The two seemed to have a close connection, with Professor Miller clearly taking an interest in Cairo’s literary talents. However, the film, which has been described as a psychological thriller, makes this teacher-student relationship all the more unsettling. The trailer hints that Ortega’s character will threaten and blackmail the professor after he rejects her advances.if this is really all miller girlthis could be a problem.

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Miller’s daughter looks already causing controversy

Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega stare at each other in 'Miller's Girls'

miller girl The trailer is already causing controversy as it appears to put Ortega in the role of the antagonist, with Martin’s eponymous character the unfortunate victim. At the end of the two-minute clip, it’s suggested that Cairo falsely accused Miller of rape, putting his job and reputation at risk because he rejected her after she submitted a suggestive writing assignment. If this is indeed the case, miller girl is dangerously exploiting the harmful stereotype that relationships with this inappropriate balance of power are the result of dangerous, seductive young women. Unfortunately, it’s thinking like this that causes many women who report crime to be ignored.

If this is indeed the premise miller girl, then Ortega himself could be in for some serious backlash. By agreeing to play such a role, actors perpetuate this dangerous stereotype. In addition, due to “Young woman seduces older man and ruins his life“The trope is a step too far, and the film could seriously set back the actor’s critically acclaimed work. Still, despite the controversy surrounding the issue, miller girl trailer, it’s not too early to get out the torches and pitchforks. As a psychological thriller, the film itself may reveal a major twist that changes everything.

Will Miller’s daughter Jenna Ortega make it?

Jenna Ortega looks at Martin Freeman in 'Miller's Girl'

Ortega and Martin’s age difference miller girl It’s clearly meant to make the audience uncomfortable, so it’s certainly possible that the thriller intends to retread the old stuff.”young seductress“Metaphor in a way that makes sense. This is also supported by the trailer’s ending text, which reads:”Complex themes emerge in this film” and then a link to “Resources on Certain Topics.” This will lead to a page on the Lionsgate website that reads “Me too” move.

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If this upcoming film aims to dissect harmful stereotypes and glorify the idea of ​​the teacher-student relationship, it could be a huge asset to Ortega’s career.

this may indicate miller girl By extension, Ortega knew what they were doing. If this upcoming film aims to dissect harmful stereotypes and glorify the idea of ​​teacher-student relationships, it could be a huge asset to Ortega’s career, elevating her to a more thought-provoking and more socially challenging roles. anyway,”complex subject” of miller girl will be controversial, but whether that’s good or bad depends on which direction the movie takes these concepts. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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