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Jena Frumes is an American Instagram star and model famous for her Instagram account. Jena Frumes has attracted more than 4.2 million followers.

Early age and education

Jena Frumes is 29 years. She was born in September 21, 1993, in Union Beach, New Jersey, United States of America. She grew up with her parents and her younger sister in her hometown.

Likewise, her stunning appearance comes from a mix of African, French, and Native American ancestry. Likewise, her mother is white and her father is black.

After completing high school in New Jersey, Jena moved to the University of North Carolina in Durham, North Carolina, to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

However, her heart leaned toward show business, so she later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling, as exposure in Durham was limited.

At first, her parents were afraid of her becoming a model as they had a conservative mindset. But, in the face of her perseverance, they relented and began to support her in her efforts to become a star.

Likewise, she used to be a sporty teenager and had a well-built athletic body that made heads turn every time she passed by since she was a teenager.

Subtitle: Jena Frumes with her dog on the beach (Source: Instagram)

Jena Frumes – Social Networks

Jena Frumes is quite active on social media. She has built a decent following on social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

He has more than 166.6 thousand followers on Twitter. Furthermore, he has more than 4.2 million followers on Instagram. Similarly, his Facebook page has around 128,000 followers and 81,4,000 subscribers on the YouTube channel.

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Likewise, her TikTok account @jena has gained more than 6.3 million fans with almost 103.6 million likes.

Jena Frumes – Personal Life

On a personal level, much of his success can be attributed to his manager Draya Michelle. But they fell out when Jena felt her manager was being unprofessional and went public with the issue on social media.

Previously, she had dated American football player Antonio Brown. Her relationship became quite problematic with Chelsie Kyriss when the latter began dating Antonio and had two children with him.

Later, her then-boyfriend Antonio left Jena and returned to Chelsie while she was pregnant with their third child.

Later, she had a 15-month affair with English footballer Jesse Lingard. However, she ended the affair when she discovered that Jesse was having an affair with a fan.

Jena Frumes – Net worth 2023

Jena Frumes is a famous social media personality and a model who has earned a good sum of money throughout her professional life.

Therefore, his net worth is reported to be around $250,000. She enjoys his fame along with his good fortune. She also makes additional money through various brand endorsements and paid promotions.

Jena Frumes – Professional life

Professionally, Jena Frumes is a famous American model who became known through social networks. Likewise, she is often known as an Instagram star and has been featured on many forums and websites.

Today, he has earned more than 4.2 million followers on Instagram. Jena has a perfect body and piercing blue eyes that can be intoxicating to most men.

Her stunning beauty has a growing career that has kept her busy modeling, acting, and marketing products she endorses.

Likewise, he had his mind on show business since he finished high school. Taking her college degree only as a backup, Jena couldn’t achieve her goal for some reason.

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So, she had the looks and aptitude to become a star and was willing to do whatever she could to achieve her goal in life. She began her modeling career by building her social media portfolio and soon attracted attention.

His magnificent sporty appearance earned him several offers to promote products. Likewise, he currently stands as an established model and it was the perfect opportunity he was looking for to succeed and become a star.

His first big breakthrough came when he appeared on American rapper, actor and comedian Nick Cannon’s popular television show, Wild N’ Out on MTV.

In 2015, she appeared on Wild N’ Out female star Brittany Dailey’s baby shower show and soon began moving in high society social circles. She also dated Nick Cannon for a time and shared photos of them on her Instagram site.

With Jena’s new contacts, she appeared in the music video for Jacob Latimore’s single, Ah Yeah. It became a hit and the success of the video paved the way for several music videos, where she performed impressively. Likewise, her perfect body and sporty appearance were her greatest assets to get her started in modeling.

Jena Frumes

Subtitle: Jena Frumes in one of the YouTube videos (Source: YouTube)

More about his career

Likewise, he had humble beginnings with growing his brand on social media. He even promoted a wide range of cosmetic and sports products specializing in beachwear.

Therefore, she appeared as her fans’ favorite strainer girl in ANS Wolfpack. However, her ultimate goal was to enter movies, and she achieved this with a leading female role in the sports drama Mango & Guava, which is about a talented runner who becomes disillusioned by her love.

Additionally, he appears most frequently promoting sports and health-related products that perfectly match his behavior. From New Jersey to Union Beach, via Los Angeles, it has been an interesting journey for this girl of African, French and Native American origin.

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So, from convincing her parents to starting a new life in showbiz, Jena has taken bold steps on her own. This rising actress played the lead role in the movie Mango & Guava.

He also created his self-titled YouTube channel created on November 16, 2013. However, he started posting after several years and posted his first debut YouTube video titled “Sports Workout Teaser | Jena Frumes”, on September 4, 2016. Likewise, her most popular video is “Life Update… | Jena Frumes“.

Since then he has published many videos. She shares fitness, personal, fashion, beauty and lifestyle, travel, vlogs, and photoshoot videos on the channel. So far, her YouTube channel has earned more than 81.4K subscribers.

Body measurements

Jena Frumes has a fit body and a beautiful personality. She carries a unique aura on her face that makes her capture beautiful modeling photographs.

He has a body weight of 115 to 125 pounds (52.2 to 56.7 kg) and is 5 feet 4 inches (162.5 cm) tall. Likewise, Ella Jena has a perfect body and piercing blue eyes that can be intoxicating to most men.

Likewise, Jena Frumes tries to eat a healthy and nutritious diet. He likes to eat fruits and vegetables and cooks much of his food at home.

He occasionally eats junk food while having to control his diet for his photo shoots. Jena likes to eat donuts and pizza. Additionally, she has stunning, natural green eyes and curly brown hair.

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