Jason Momoa celebrates sustainable vodka brand Meili with heartfelt speech

Jason Momoa holds a bottle of his Meili Vodka during a celebratory event with his best friend and co-founder Blaine Halvorson at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails on Monday (November 20) in West Hollywood, California.

Meili, pronounced MAY-lee, means the god of travel in Norse mythology and represents the heart of the adventurer, the purity of discovery and the spirit of exploration.

Since vodka is 60% water, Jason and Blaine were looking for the purest source of water. The key? Blaine’s home state, Montana.

“It’s this beautiful fountain of water coming out of this limestone platform — a 300-million-year-old aquifer,” Jason recently told Forbes. “Looked like Avatar – I have never seen so much life in a water source, where there is snow everywhere. We discovered that what makes it so special is that there is no sodium in that water. Salt is really what eliminates some of the notes that come through in our beans, and it is high in calcium and sulfur. “That’s what gives it that really unique flavor.”

He Aquaman The actor added the importance of sustainability in the brand: “Obviously I do many things and I am very passionate about our planet. I love making something that is 100% post-consumer glass. Blaine found someone who makes the best glasses in Mexico. The great thing about this is that we will be manufacturing them in Pennsylvania, so we will be 100% in the US. Being able to manufacture the glass here, which will be the first time, is incredible. Down to every little detail, it’s pretty intense to make that beautiful bottle and recycle it and have all the nuances that it has. “He’s our little baby.”

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Click inside to watch Jason’s speech at Meili’s party…

Below, watch Jason’s speech at the Meili event, which included a shout-out to his closest and dearest friend, Pantera Sarah, who let him sleep on her couch when she first moved to Los Angeles!

@justjared Jason Momoa has entered the spirits industry. Look for your Meili Vodka in stores and restaurants around the world soon! #JasonMomoa #MeiliVodka ♬ original sound – Just Jared

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