James Gunn Confirms Superman: Legacy Will Not Be The DCU’s Only Project In Production In 2024


  • Following “Superman: Legacy,” more DC Universe projects will begin filming in 2024.
  • James Gunn hasn’t revealed what other projects the DCU will be working on this year.
  • Superman: Legacy will begin filming in March.

James Gunn reveals other DC Universe projects will follow Superman: LegacyStarring and filming started this year.Gunn’s Superman: Legacy The filming date is set for March. While the first DCU movie is the only one confirmed to begin filming this year, it’s not the only one to do so, as Gunn shared an exciting latest news about the DCU’s upcoming movies and series.

Gunn confirmed on Threads Superman: Legacy It won’t be the only DCU project heading into production in 2024.

Although Gunn revealed Superman: Legacy “Superman” won’t be the only DCU project to begin filming in 2024, and the DCU creative director has not revealed what other movies or series will follow the Superman reboot. However, some DCU projects appear to be on track to begin filming in 2024.

Amanda Waller, Jaime Reyes, and the Peacemakers in the DC Universe James Gunn Confirms All 33 DC Universe Characters Since James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe was announced in January 2023, many characters have been confirmed Join the new series.

Which DCU projects could start filming in 2024?

Some DCU movies and shows could be heading into production this year

Superman: Legacy may not be the only DCU movie starring a Kryptonian to start filming in 2024. Rumor has it that the DCU’s Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, will make a cameo in Supergirl . Superman: Legacy before appearing in her own movie.The source of the rumor, behind the reveal that Ana Nogueira is writing Supergirl: Girl of Tomorrow DC officials have previously stated that the “Supergirl” movie will start filming in the second half of 2024.

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If this is successful, the Supergirl movie could become one of the DCU projects that Gunn has spoken of. Supergirl: Girl of Tomorrow This isn’t the only project that could begin filming in 2024.It is reported typeViola Davis’s Amanda Waller series about Max— Waller — will be released in 2024.To do that, the show would have to start production around 2024 Superman: Legacy And there are few special effects to complete the task that must be completed within a tight deadline.

While Gunn is currently writing peacemaker For its second season, the show shouldn’t start filming this year. Gunn previously said that the second season of “Peacemaker” will be put into production after he completes production. Superman: Legacy, is expected to begin filming as early as late 2025. With the many projects announced for the DCU, some other movies or series could also begin filming in 2024, although it remains to be seen how the first year of the DC Universe will play out.

Source: James Gunn/Threads

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