Is there an end credits scene for ‘The Boogeyman’ (2023)? Details revealed!

The new horror movie. The bogeyman It’s set to scare fans in theaters this weekend!

Fans watching the film will probably want to know if they should stay after the credits to watch an additional scene. Many movies today, especially those that are part of a franchise, will include additional footage at the end to tease future installments or to provide audiences with additional content.

So do you need to stay after? The bogeyman?

Read on to find out if you need to wait for a post-credits scene…

We can confirm that NO, there is no post-credits scene during the movie. The bogeymanso feel free to leave the theater right when the movie ends without having to worry about missing anything.

The bogeyman “It’s a classic ‘Poltergeist’ style horror movie that’s equal parts fear and heart,” says director Rob Savage. “I vividly remember the terror I felt reading King’s tale as a child, and it is this feeling of childlike fear that I wanted to inspire in film audiences around the world. This film was made in collaboration with an incredibly talented team of creatives and is supported by wonderful and moving performances from our incredible cast; I’m really amazed by them. “We are incredibly proud of this film and can’t wait to give everyone a reason to fear the dark again on June 2.”

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