Is there an end credits scene for ‘PAW Patrol 2’ (2023)? Details revealed!

The new animated film. Paw Patrol: The Powerful Movie It’s now in theaters and is expected to be the highest-grossing movie of the weekend!

Fans watching the film will probably want to know if they should stay after the credits to watch an additional scene. Many movies today, especially those that are part of a franchise, will include additional footage at the end to tease future installments or to provide audiences with additional content.

So do you need to stay after? Paw Patrol 2?

Read on to find out if you need to wait for a post-credits scene…

We can confirm that NO, there is no post-credits scene during the movie. Paw Patrol 2/em>, so feel free to leave the theater right when the movie ends without having to worry about missing anything.

Make sure you arrive early as you will be able to see the new short film. Dora and the fantastic creatures before the movie plays.

Did you see that the movie broke a Guinness World Record at a recent screening?

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