Instagram ‘Notes’ Is The AIM Away Message Revival We’ve Been Waiting For

Instagram Notes is a new status bubble that allows users to post 60-character text or emoji. They live in the DM tab and stay there for 24 hours.

Instagram released a new feature this week called Notes, and with it, one thing immediately became clear: “Out of Office Messages” is back, and it’s amazing how they are. I missed this feature. Notes are essentially status bubbles that give Instagram users space to post messages of 60 characters or less that will appear in the DM tab along with their profile icon for 24 hours. Notes supports text and emojis, that’s all.

For anyone who’s been online in the Wild West era of the Internet (early 2000s), it’s a very familiar format that triggers flashbacks of MSN and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Myspace , first generation iPod Nano and the like. Back then, it was all about texting away — short, customizable messages that showed up next to a person’s screen name when they tagged themselves.”leave‘ While they’re meant to let the user’s friends know they’re busy, they’re often a glimpse into the messy minds of teenagers. Many people note that Instagram’s Notes are like a revived departure message.

Notes revive an internet first staple

Screenshot of Instagram notes on purple paint swirls

In a blog post announcing the feature, Instagram signaled, “Share your opinion‘ Why not, right? To write a note, users simply navigate to the “Messages” tab and press “+‘ logo is now on the circular icon on their profile picture. Next to it is a scrolling feed of other users’ notes. Once a user has written a note (up to 60 characters), they can share it with all their friends or just their close friends list. Notes can be deleted but not edited after posting and they only last for 24 hours.

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No wonder people are constantly comparing Notes to one of the most memorable online experiences. The departure message is a blank canvas on which one’s carefully crafted thoughts and feelings are spread for all that matters. They’re home to a wide selection of cryptic emoji lyrics, hints of very humorous plans sure to make others jealous, poor attempts at clever jokes, and snarky songs. The song consists only of initials and prototype emoticons like “<3" A vow of love between two people. Instead of disappearing into an endless stream of information, such as a tweet or Facebook status, distant messages remain connected to individuals.

So far, people seem to only use Notes for nostalgia. Sure, the text-based feature seems like an obvious attack on Twitter, since users are leaving the microblogging site in bulk, but Instagram these days isn’t exactly known for its ingenuity. . Happy sharing!

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