Idle Arks: Build at Sea MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) 2.3.19

Idle Arks: Building at sea in the face of reality-based global climate change. Every place is gradually flooded, and players need to plan to build houses on the water. Disaster is something no one wants, but in Idle Arks, it is a challenge that you must overcome. Going through the big waves is a way to grow old. Nature has provided man with many things, and due to the rapid development of industrialization, the environment has been severely affected. Idle Arks allows players to adapt to a new life. Survive as long as you can. The buildings on the water will gradually make you feel familiar.

Surrounded by water, no different from the sea. Collect floating wood to build a temporary shelter. The gameplay in Idle Arks is really interesting. Things that seem like a sea of ​​garbage, but you can easily use them to build lovely houses. Players need to pay attention to the durability of the house, making sure it can withstand strong winds or waves.

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The character has a great swimming ability, but you know, it can only help for a short time. You can’t swim all day, so building a house is always a top priority. The recent floods have caused a lot of damage to property and lives. Sometimes we have to adapt to the most difficult conditions. Idle Arks still gives you a chance to survive, but for now, you may need to accept and work harder. The house is built on square wooden blocks. With the advantage of photolysis, it has the ability to float on water.

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create your own squad

The player is still one of the lucky ones. Lots of people drown almost everywhere. In this journey you will save them, and then we will add new members. Construction planning can be accelerated when resources are strong enough. In fact, I don’t know if the structures players build in Idle Arks are houses or ships. Recruit more members by saving them. Most of the survivors are Vikings who will reward you handsomely.

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discover new places

Travel to new lands with many interesting points, where players can gradually improve their survival skills. Of course, each new location will always have different challenges for you to experience. Complete each of your missions to keep unlocking more new locations.

Collect different animals

In addition to humans, animals are also in trouble. If you see any animals alive, save them. Players can earn money by mining animals. For example, when rescuing chickens, you will be able to harvest eggs from them. Idle Arks opens a new life for people in the context of devastated nature.

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Life got worse when the floods nearly leveled the land. Now is the time to adapt to what’s going on. Use floating wooden blocks to survive and many other missions await you. The player is the savior of unfortunate people and animals. Download the Idle Arks mod and create a whole new life on the water with lots of exciting discoveries.

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