Identify a single shelled snail: only 1/10 pass the viral challenge

Cesar Quispe 10.07.2023 07:59 m.

if you ask me what virus challenge considered one of the heaviest ever made, I have to mention the one on this note. You cannot hide the sun with one finger. The challenge is of high difficulty. So much so that only 1 internet user out of 10 can get through it.

Since I assumed you took tests such as “one that reveals your current state of mind, depending on the doodle you choose” And “who exposes the truth about your romantic relationship“, I invite you to join this challenge that is sure to make your day super fun.

Find the snail with the shell in the picture

What can be seen in the viral challenge image? Well, it looks like there are quite a few snails. There are 36 of them in total. The detail is that only one has a unique case. It’s the one you have to look for. Note that I’m not telling you to find it in seconds. You have all the time in the world to do it here.

In this illustration with a white background you can see a lot of snails. (Photo:

I’ll show you where the snail has a home

If after a few tries you can’t find a snail with any shell, please don’t feel bad as this is purely a game. To know where it is, you have to look at the following image.

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This photo shows which snail has a unique shell.  (Photo: photo shows which snail has a unique shell. (Photo:

What is the viral challenge?

Viral challenges are what you need to have fun in a healthy way. Some include finding a bug, a person, an animal, an object, or a word in a picture. On the other hand, others are looking for the exact number of geometric characters in the illustration. Sometimes they have a time limit. In other words, they must be remedied quickly. They are also known as challenges, visual tests, visual or logical puzzles.

I present you a visual puzzle

Visual Quiz: Can you solve it in less than five seconds?Take a close look at the photos in this video and see if you can find the details they hide.

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