“How to Become a Cult Leader” A Documentaries Is Set To Premiere On Netflix

How to Become a Cult Leader, a new Netflix documentary series, is expected to dive deeply into the brains of cult leaders, who have intrigued many people. What motivates someone to become a cult leader is the central topic of the unconventional television series. The six-part series, which will be narrated by acclaimed actor Peter Dinklage, will debut on Netflix on July 28, 2023, at 3 am ET.

How to Become a Cult Leader’s official Netflix summary is as follows:

This six-part series, which is narrated by Peter Dinklage, charts the rise of six cult leaders as they come to possess unshakable love, eternal allegiance, and the capacity to control people’s minds, bodies, and souls. Marshall Applewhite, Charles Manson, and other cult leaders will be featured in the documentary How to Become a Cult Leader.

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How to Become a Cult Leader is likely to handle the grim subject matter differently than Netflix’s prior cult films.

On July 12, 2023, the teaser for the next series was made public. It provided an enticing preview of the program. The new series will provide viewers with in-depth analysis of cults including Heaven’s Gate, Jonestown, and the Manson Family.

The teaser begins with foreboding music and quick glimpses of many leaders, giving viewers a preview of the emotional roller coaster they might expect. In the background, a voiceover by Peter Dinklage may be heard saying:

“Unconditional love, unending devotion… by presenting the appropriate package, you may exert mental control and isolate them from the outside world. You must exhibit excellence indeed if you want to lead a spiritual movement.

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Snippets of interviews with former cult members and specialists are scattered throughout the teaser, providing terrifying details about these leaders’ lives. Several former cult members describe their terrifying ordeals, with one saying:

“Cult leaders take whatever position is most beneficial to them.”

How to Become a Cult Leader seeks to reveal the mysterious tactics used by cult leaders to win their followers’ steadfast allegiance and submission. The documentary series looks at the psychology of the unorthodox love and unending loyalty that, as the trailer deftly suggests, enable these leaders to exert power over followers’ minds, bodies, and souls.

The series provides light on the strategies used by cult leaders to undermine individual identities and foster a feeling of dependence by using psychological research and testimony. A resident of one of the trailers explains:

“Everyone has moments in their life when they feel a little vulnerable and lost. Good cult leaders will enter and announce, “I’ve got it.

The show also promises to shed light on some of history’s most notorious cult leaders. Marshall Applewhite, the mysterious person behind Heaven’s Gate, is one such leader. Jim Jones, whose cult was responsible for the catastrophic Jonestown Massacre that claimed over 900 lives, will also be featured in the documentary How to Become a Cult Leader. How to Become a Cult Leader, the second episode in Netflix’s How To Become… series, takes viewers on an eye-opening trip into the perverse world of cults. Netflix will begin streaming the show on July 28, 2023.

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