How DC’s 2023 Slate Could Actually Help Gunn’s Reboot

James Gunn is the new head of DC Studios and rebooting the DC Universe is a priority for him, but the 2023 roster could really help with Gunn’s plans. DC and Gunn are in the odd position of waiting for a new era to begin, but with the small task of tackling one of Warner Bros.’s greatest years. and DC, a film released four. On the surface, the four upcoming movies don’t seem to make any sense.

first is Shazam! wrath of the gods Followed by speed In the summer. Originally only three theatrical films were scheduled to open in 2023, but were canceled at the World Bank bat girlAnother HBO Max Original green beetle Upgrade for the big screen. DC will look to end the year on a high Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom After the original grossed over 1 billion dollars. At first glance, 2023 may seem like a write-off, but the reality could be quite the opposite.

2023 could be what DC needs

While it may not seem like it, 2023 could be just what DC needs right now. While reboots are almost pointless on current plans, the movies don’t need to connect to the larger universe before cinematic universes become ubiquitous. All that matters is whether it’s a good movie or not. With the upcoming 2023 DC prints, the studio can get their hands on four good movies, which is the most important thing. After years of mixed reactions and hasty decisions, a year of solid films could see DC’s reputation improve worldwide.

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2023 could restore trust and confidence in the franchise and end the old DCEU era before ushering in James Gunn’s new DC Universe. No matter how compelling Gunn and Safran’s plans are, DC’s track record over the past decade suggests some fear. Closing the old era with one of DC’s best years is sure to calm the storm before they start all over again.

Gunn doesn’t need 2023 to succeed, and that’s a good thing

The Flash, Shazam and Aquaman from DCU

Even if it’s good for Gunn and DC, if speed is a 5 star movie and they don’t need 2023 to be successful. It would be different if the upcoming DC Universe movies and shows depended on the success of 2023, but since each of the four were completed before Gunn took over, it’s essentially free. speed The movies are reset anyway, and the sequels aren’t really considered part of the New Beginning, so it doesn’t matter if they aren’t as popular.

Also, if the movie is great, while arguably not requiring a reboot once the DCEU is finally back on track, it could also help boost DC-wide acceptance as it enters an era. new. Only time will tell if Shazam! wrath of the gods and others followed, for better or for worse. Either way, with a lightning-fast reboot, the 2023 listing is the perfect free ticket the new DC Universe needs.

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