House Designer: Fix & Flip MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.1405

Have you ever tried redecorating the entire house to give it a new look? If you haven’t already, go to House Designer: Fix & Flip and give it a try now. All furniture of the highest quality and most desirable is hand-selected. Arrange and move things so they are in the correct position. Clean up all the clutter and make the house sparkle. Become a skilled interior designer.

In general, the design sim always gives us the idea. With House Designer: Fix & Flip, interior design becomes a potential field. You can do what you want to perfect the product. Everything is done in very detailed 3D with easy controls. The variety of options will give you the power to turn your imagination into reality. Create a new life, many interesting things are waiting.

Download House Designer: Fix & Flip mod – design any furniture to your liking

There’s more to a home than it looks. There are also some things arranged inside, creating a large space. Inside there are furniture such as cabinets, tables and chairs or a kitchen for people to cook. Your mission is to turn modest and simple houses into the most comfortable and complete abode that can attract anyone. Start by removing all debris and dirt. Then clean every room in the house with the necessary tools. Finally, use your creativity to change the interior of your home to your liking.

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Interior design

The first thing to start the design process is to make the house an actual object. It can be purchased with earned money subject to condition. After the cleaning is done, you will have many attractive options. Start organizing everyday items into each room type. For example, you will place the bed, wardrobe and other things in the bedroom. In the kitchen, you can add cooking appliances such as an oven or a refrigerator. Go ahead and decorate the walls with a variety of paints to create a feeling of luxury and comfort. No time limit, do it at your own pace.

House Designer Fix Flip mod Free


Not only furniture can be used, but the garden of any house can be renovated. Your job is to remove all weeds from the park. Then plant various aesthetic plants around. Arrange them where you think will best suit the landscape. Some plants grow in the ground, plants are hung in baskets or pots and placed anywhere. In a house with a lot of money, we would have both a swimming pool and a playground. The larger the garden area, the more items it can hold. We are constantly learning with each building to improve their aesthetics.

Buy, repair and sell

Most of the homes you buy are old and very run down, from the furniture left inside to the damaged building. Let’s fix it by cleaning and removing everything that is unnecessary and badly damaged. These can also be sold for cash and added to your fund. Then change all the furniture in the house and make it classic or modern. up to you. Once you’ve finished your work and feel satisfied, you can keep it for yourself or sell it. Selling these houses will also bring a good profit. Turn ruined places into livable paradise.

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Fix Flip designer mod APK

upgrade house

House Designer: Fix & Flip will give you specific tasks to complete. Each mission requires you to do a specific routine: clean, paint the walls, fix furniture, or clean the backyard pool. Each mission will also bring you a certain amount of bonuses. The more difficult and time consuming the task, the more resources it gives you. Each home requires different types of repairs and arrangements. The more projects you do, the more your skills will grow. You can come up with more new ideas and apply them yourself. No one can judge how you create your work.

The interior design of the house may seem complicated, but it is actually very simple. As long as you have enough confidence and enthusiasm, House Designer: Fix & Flip mod will always be with you.

Download House Designer: Fix & Flip MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money)

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