Here’s why Taylor Swift won’t be at the Chiefs vs. Eagles tonight

Taylor Swift will not attend the Kansas City Chiefs’ home game against the Philadelphia Eagles tonight (November 20) at Arrowhead in Kansas City, Missouri.

It was rumored that the 33-year-old musician might attend to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce, but unfortunately she will not be able to attend.

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So why won’t Taylor attend? She really has a Tour of the eras concert that same night!

Previously, Taylor only had a concert the night before and would have been able to fly back immediately after or the next morning, but one of her weekend concerts was postponed to Monday due to extreme temperatures.

Taylor even recently gave a little shout out to the Chiefs, with a nod to Travis, during a recent concert in Argentina!

Over a month ago, one of the Philadelphia Eagles players mentioned that he didn’t want Taylor to attend the Super Bowl rematch because every game he attends, the Chiefs win.

Days before the Eagles’ game against the Chiefs, a Philadelphia radio host revealed that Taylor’s music was temporarily banned from his Top 40 station.

“Q102 is taking Taylor Swift off the radio station all weekend because while Q102 loves Taylor Swift we can’t get enough of her, this weekend it’s really important that we show our support for the Birds” said Q102 host Nugget via CBS News.

They’ll be playing Taylor’s music again on Tuesday (November 21)!


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