Gwen Stefani shows off Blake Shelton’s top Valentine’s Day jewelry

Love was in the air last week for Valentine’s Day. And although the holidays may be officially over this year, lovers are still excited. During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel liveThe famous singer Gwen Stefani flaunted an expensive gift from her boyfriend Blake Shelton: a diamond ring.

“I received my Valentine’s gift earlier this year. He really confused him. Usually I get amazing flowers, but this year he said, ‘Here you go!’” he said. “He did everything! I love you Blakey.”

Stefani remembers an awkward moment with her son

Stefani and No Doubt are arguably one of the most popular musical groups of all time. Although the original group is no longer together, their music lives on forever.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Stefani, the lead singer, recalled watching one of the group’s old music videos with her 10-year-old son Apollo. That led to the two having an awkward conversation.

“So we had to watch the ‘Don’t Speak’ video and he was like, ‘But wait, who was your boyfriend?’ It was so strange and so fun. I had to tell every member of the band,” Stefani told PEOPLE.

“That’s what happened because it’s going to be 10 years old! It’s just another miracle and a blessing. And it was surreal for me. I feel like we’re in the future and lightning just struck and [No Doubt] It’s like, ‘Here we are!’

No Doubt Star excited about reunion

Coachella has quickly become one of the most famous music festivals in history. Every year, some of music’s biggest acts take the stage. This year, the members of “No Doubt” will gather at the venue. Stefani told PEOPLE that when she was asked about the upcoming reunion, it was easy to say yes.

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“It just happened so fast, and that’s my favorite kind of thing. “We haven’t determined the next steps on how we are going to do this, but we are all very excited,” she said.

“And I think just watching the Internet explode [with] How excited are the fans? “He is inspiring us.”

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