Gerry Turner’s ex reveals ‘The Golden Bachelor’ contestant’s not-so-golden past

Maybe he’s not so charming after all…

ABC The golden bachelor It’s been all the buzz as fans anticipate the season finale this Thursday. However, an ex of Gerry Turner, the 74-year-old star of the show, has just revealed that the veteran is not so golden as it seems.


According to the hollywood reporterA woman known as “Carolyn,” stepped forward to criticize Turner after he allegedly refused to take her to her high school reunion because she had gained weight.

The woman did not use her real name for privacy reasons, but the article explains that she remembered their romance as being chaotic in nature. Carolyn said she was “surprised” that Turner was looking for love on a national television show.

The two shared three years together. month after the death of Turner’s wife. Carolyn was 14 years younger than Turner at the time and moved in with him after 10 months of dating.

Shortly after, The golden bachelor The star changed completely. Carolyn shared that she had to pay $850 a month to cover her expenses and that Turner always made them split the cost of her meals. The Hollywood Reporter claims that “in restaurants,” Carolyn paid half up front, so when the bill came, Turner had to pay the entire bill, “like a big man.”

Things only got worse, and in October 2019, Carolyn revealed Turner’s uglier side after preparing to join him at their high school reunion.

Instead, Turner said, “I’m not taking you to the meeting looking like that.” Carolyn said that at that time she gained 10 pounds due to stress. After Turner emotionally abused her for it, she knew it was time to leave.

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It’s no surprise that he started dating: he was single and widowed, and didn’t do anything sneaky. But it’s a little strange that he was talking about being lonely on TV while he was actively pursuing romantic interests.

On the show, Turner claimed he hadn’t been kissed since his wife died in 2017. Carolyn says otherwise.

He also revealed that most, if not all, of the lines he used to impress women on the show were the same ones he used on her.


So, as fans prepare to tune in to the first season finale of The Golden Bachelor, Carolyn’s story seems to reveal a pretty cruel side to the Bachelor who has charmed everyone from day one.

Do you think the woman’s claims are true?

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