Gary Sinise spoke about Son Mac’s ‘very serious’ health battle before his death at age 33

Just before his son Mac passed away after battling cancer for five and a half years, Gary Sinise spoke about the very serious health situation the 33-year-old was in.

During his appearance in Ingraham’s angle In December 2023, Sinise opened up about the health obstacles his son had to endure.

“Over the last few years, he’s been dealing with some very serious health issues,” the Forrest Gump shared star. “[Mac] He used to be a drummer and he can’t do it anymore. “He left that aside.”

Gary Sinise’s son had attended the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California. He later became a composer. As his illness progressed, Mac began playing the harmonica because he could no longer hold the drumsticks.

As he continued his journey to health, Mac reconnected with his college friend Oliver Schnee. The duo played music that Mac wrote.

“Seeing him come to life again and rediscovering something that was part of his past and that rejuvenated him so beautifully,” Sinise continued. When asked about Mac’s return to music, the actor stated, “It’s beautiful to see. He is a very talented guy.”

Mac was diagnosed with chordoma, which is a rare type of bone cancer. According to the Mayo Clinic, chordoma most commonly occurs in the bones of the spine or skull.

Chordoma usually appears in adults between 40 and 60 years old. It also grows slowly and can be difficult to treat because it is often located very close to the spinal cord and other important structures such as arteries, nerves or the brain.

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Gary Sinise says his son fought an ‘uphill battle’ but never stopped trying

In a special letter on his website, Gary Sinise spoke about his son Mac’s battle with cancer and how the 33-year-old never stopped trying.

“While our hearts ache for missing him, it is comforting to know that Mac is no longer in trouble,” Sinise wrote. “And inspired and moved by how he achieved it. He fought a tough battle against a cancer that has no cure, but he never stopped trying.”

Although he didn’t speak publicly about Mac’s fight against cancer for a long time, Gary Sinise said the real focus was on his son’s inspiring music.

“Mac was living a dream and making it a reality with his collaboration partner, Oliver. “It was incredibly motivating and therapeutic for him, and he was so excited to see it all come together.”

Mac is one of three children that Gary Sinise shares with his wife Moira Harris.

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