Former NFL Player Rashad Jennings Fails Easy ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Puzzle

Former NFL running back Rashad Jennings experienced a memorable mistake on the latest episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune when he failed to fill in a letter to complete a puzzle starring iconic film director Quentin Tarantino.

In this entertaining episode, Jennings, 38, found himself in a tough situation, needing the letter “Q” to complete Quentin Tarantino’s name in the “rhyme time” category. The puzzle read: “DRIVING TO RENO WITH QUENTIN TARANTINO.”

With $4,050 already banked and a chance to improve his winnings, Jennings confidently dropped the letter “P” during his turn, landing at the $600 mark.

Long time Wheel of Fortune Host Pat Sajak’s response was quick and direct: “No, no, sorry, no.”

As Jennings slurred, laughter could be heard in the background. The mistake left him with a disappointed expression when the opportunity to get extra money slipped through his fingers. Unfortunately, Jennings was no Debra Molle.

Rashad Jennings had jokingly mocked his appearance on Wheel of Fortune beforehand, telling her Instagram followers, “You will definitely laugh.”


Social media users, of course, did not hesitate to react to the funny moment, mocking Jennings.

One user even went so far as to say: “Rashad Jennings is the worst Wheel of Fortune All-time player!

Another user attempted to understand the decision to guess “P” instead of “Q”, stating: “Even if you don’t know who it is, guessing anything other than a Q, like… do you know the rules of the game?” . Are you currently playing?

However, some users came to Jennings’ defense, suggesting that guessing “Puentin” as Quentin’s name was a bit of a stretch.

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Jennings appeared on the show alongside former defensive end and sports analyst Marcellus Wiley and defensive end Jared Allen, and the three competed for the chance to win $1 million for the charity of their choice.

Rashad Jennings is now part of a long list of Wheel of Fortune contestants who have experienced their share of funny and embarrassing moments while trying to solve puzzles on the show.

This will be Pat Sajak’s last season as host. Wheel of Fortune; however, Vanna White will stay.

Wheel of Fortune continues to provide contestants and viewers with moments of laughter, surprise and entertainment as contestants solve riddles and phrases on the iconic game show.

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