Failed Superman Trilogy Pitch Before Man of Steel Revealed


  • Matthew Vaughn has revealed his rejected Superman trilogy proposal, which featured a very different storyline from the previous Superman films.
  • Vaughn and Mark Millar’s big idea was that Krypton wouldn’t explode and the main storyline would involve mass escape and chaos as Superman grew up.
  • The main villains in their trilogy are Brainiac, Zod, and Lex Luthor. Warner Bros. wasn’t interested in promoting them, and the project never moved forward.

Matthew Vaughn reveals details about his rejected Superman trilogy.James Gunn is currently rebooting the new DC Universe’s Heroes Superman: Legacybut a few years before Zack Snyder man of Steel, another exciting Superman project could be happening.And Gunn’s Superman: Legacy will take the character in a more comic book direction, and Snyder’s man of Steel While Vaughn’s take on Superman is darker, his plans for the hero depend on another factor – the state of Krypton.

Talking with Josh Horowitz happy sad confused During the podcast, Vaughn detailed his original plans for a Superman movie with comic book creator Mark Millar.

According to the director, his Superman trilogy will be very different from all the Superman movies, as Vaughn revealed that he and Miller’s “The big idea is that Krypton won’t explodeVaughn also revealed who the planned main villain in his trilogy is, saying:Brainiac, Zod & [Lex] Luther“Ultimately, Warner Bros. gave up on the pitch. Check out the full quote below:

“Vaughn: Mark and I sat down and planned a trilogy to pitch to Warner Bros. before Man of Steel… We pitched how we could make a trilogy of Superman movies, and Warners said they weren’t interested. Just That’s it.

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I think Donner did it. Wonder Woman works really well because it’s basically a Donner/Superman movie but reimagined as Wonder Woman. I will play a modern version of Donner. Our big idea is that Krypton won’t explode. It did in the end. My father was right, but his timing was wrong. When Superman grew up, there was a sudden mass exodus and everything fell apart. This is our main idea.

Horowitz: Who is your main villain?

Vaughn: Brainiac, Zod, and [Lex] Luthor. Luthor was the main villain until Krypton exploded and then…

Horowitz: …Things escalated and you got some Kryptonians?

Vaughn: Yeah, exactly.

Why Matthew Vaughn’s Superman trilogy might not work

The biggest controversy surrounding Henry Cavill’s Superman man of Steel The DCEU as a whole goes against the comic book tone of Clark’s story, making it much darker. For one thing, Vaughn’s Superman trilogy won’t follow the exact same path as the DCEU, as the director wants a modern take on Donner’s Superman, much like the classic Superman from the comics. That said, Vaughn will largely depart from the comics in his own way.

While Vaughn’s idea is certainly creative, having Krypton only explode when Kal-El comes of age is a far cry from one of the most important aspects of the hero’s journey. Superman is beloved because, despite being an alien, he is still human at heart. If Vaughn’s plans for a Superman trilogy move forward, a key part of the character will be lost, as Kal-El’s development will take place on Krypton.

Since many DC fans don’t accept the DCEU’s dark take on Superman because it deviates from the comics, it’s hard to believe that Vaughn’s Superman trilogy will work while making significant changes to Man of Steel. While Vaughn and DC have never worked together, that could soon change, as Vaughn is in talks to direct a DC Universe movie. In addition, stories somewhat similar to Vaughn’s Superman plan will also appear in the DCU, Supergirl: Girl of Tomorrow Focuses on Kara Danvers growing up on a floating piece of Krypton.

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