Evo Pop MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) 2.10

Evo Pop is a game that allows you to master the land and develop in new wars. The player controls the color of a character named Evos. The bigger the size, the bigger your advantage. It can be said that the game is like the strong devouring the weak. Therefore, build an army strong enough to make a terrible suppression. These places don’t belong to anyone yet, the colony can still be yours. Evo Pop and non-weapon-based combat. Players will see a colorful world, but not in the sweet direction. In fact, it was a fierce battle between the two sides.

You will appear in a hilly area with a few trees. It is not flat, instead the player moves in the most difficult conditions. Each side has a different color and you only have a chance to fight if the Evos are bigger than the enemy. Grow your Evo squad, increase your numbers and try to have the most influential army. Eat all the opponents in your way, they are the nutrients that make Ivo’s body bigger.

Download Evo Pop Mod – Build Evo Color Battle Squad

Evo can absorb energy from anything in its path, just like you can grow when you collide with trees or leaves. Colors other than your Evo may be considered competitors. Combat in Evo Pop is so magical that there doesn’t seem to be much action. Players need to prepare tactics to participate in a mode that uses intelligence rather than physical strength. If you are interested in EVO, you can see its appearance is very simple, colorful blocks. But in fact, to really immerse yourself in the battle is not easy. This is a geography contest made of special blocks of different colors.

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Evo Pop mod apk

many enemies

Evo Pop has various enemies to trouble you, force you to face new Evos and improve your fighting skills. Each challenge allows the player to gain more experience when developing future strategies. Evo Pop has many battles on many different maps. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how you’ve tried it before. Make the other Evos your plate and defeat them. Increase in size and easily devour a large number of enemies.

Download the Evo Pop mod

Upgrade Evos

There are different types of Evos in your army, each with amazing skills. This greatly contributes to the combat effectiveness of the army. Some Evos have the ability to jump high and slide downhill, and in each case you’ll be able to use those skills to overcome the game’s difficulty. Also, Evo Pop has hilly type maps, they are not flat. Players will also need some time to get used to this move.

collect food

First of all, Evo Pop is so small, you can’t eat enemies at that time. Grasses, flowers, and bugs are all great ways to increase the size of your Evo. They are completely harmless if you go and hit another Evo. Trust me, you will be a great meal for them and will have a screening summary in seconds. Use things in the environment to make Evo grow better. There are no dangerous obstacles when you eat what is available on the map. That’s what people usually do for their own good first.

Evo Pop Mod Android

Evo Pop is a screen game where you fight against colored blocks. Compete for the largest colony by region. You have what it takes to take your Evo team to the next level. Find ways to diversify your meal menu beyond what’s available. Download Evo Pop mod to move on difficult terrains and fight with special forces.

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Download Evo Pop MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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