‘Eras ​​Tour’ Movie Set List: Surprise Songs Revealed, Several Songs Missing From Taylor Swift Movie

Taylor Swift brings it Tour of the eras to theaters around the world and the track list is actually a little different than what fans saw during the live show.

The 33-year-old singer has been performing for more than three hours throughout the tour, with some shows reaching 3.5 hours or more. The film is around two hours and 48 minutes long, so some content had to be cut.

Taylor’s speeches between songs have been cut back a bit and the transitional footage between eras is almost non-existent, but the biggest change is the missing songs.

So what is the movie’s song list?

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LOVER’S ERA1. Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince2. Cruel summer3. The man4. You need to calm down5. Lover(“The Archer” has been removed from this era)

IT WAS FEARLESS6. Fearless7. You belong to me8. Love story

EVERY TIME IT WAS9. willow10. marjorie11. Problems with champagne12. tolerate it (“’tis the damn season” and/or “No Body No Crime” were removed from this era. Taylor alternated between these songs at shows depending on whether HAIM was opening for her).

ERA OF REPUTATION13. Ready for it? 14. Delicate15. Don’t blame me16. Look what you made me do

TALKING NOW WAS17. Enchanted (“Long Love” was cut from this era, but appears later in the film)

IT WAS RED18. 2219. We will never be together again20. I knew you were a problem21. Everything too good (10 minute version)

FOLKLORE ERA22. 123. betty24. the last great American dynasty25. 26 of August. Illegal matters27. My tears bounce (the “cardigan” was eliminated from this era)

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It was 198928. Style29. Blank30. Shake It Off 31. Bad Blood (“Wildest Dreams” was removed from this era)

SURPRISE SONG (Two different songs are performed here every night!)32. Our Song (filmed on August 4)33. You’re Alone, Son (Filmed August 5)

IT WAS MIDNIGHT34. Lavender mist35. Antihero36. Midnight Rain 37. Shitty Watcher38. Jeweled39. Mastermind40. Karma

Instead of having 45 songs in the concert, the movie has 40 songs. “Long Live” is included as the end credits song, although we don’t actually get to see Taylor perform it.

Check out the full concert lineup!

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