Elden Ring: How To Get Godslayer’s Greatsword

One of the best Colossal Swords that players can get their hands on in Elden Ring is called Godslayer’s Greatsword. Godslayer’s Greatsword is a fantastic weapon for inflicting fire-based damage, and its attack-damage scales with Dexterity and Strength stat increases. To use it, players will need to have their Strength and Faith stats at 20 and their Dexterity stat at 22. Additionally, this Colossal Sword offers great defenses, particularly against physical and fire damage.

Godslayer’s Greatsword can be upgraded with Somber Smithing Stones and has a unique skill called The Queen’s Black Flame, which prevents players from infusing the weapon with any Ashes of War in Elden Ring. The Queen’s Black Flame weapon skill allows players to set the sword on fire before delivering a large sweeping slash attack. The slash can be followed up by another attack as well, and the black flames will deal additional damage over time. To get the Godslayer’s Greatsword, players will need to defeat an optional boss in the game called the Godskin Apostle.

Although there are a few locations where the Godskin Apostles can be found, players will need to travel to the Divine Tower of Caelid and defeat the boss in the arena. To reach this area, players will need to travel northeast from the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace. The tower can only be reached by platforming from the roots of the Dragonbarrow plateau that continue toward the sides of the tower. Additional ledges and ladders along the way will lead players to the boss in this Elden Ring arena. The tower itself cannot be missed, as it is the massive structure that sits in central Dragonbarrow.

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How To Defeat The Godskin Apostle (& Get Godslayer’s Greatsword)

The Godskin Apostle has a myriad of attacks at its disposal, including Black Flame spells, a jumping overhead slash, a spinning slash attack, and a stab and slash move. The Godskin Apostle will also use a sweeping move following a plunging blade attack, as well as Black Flame Whirlwind attack where it will twirl its weapon in place to create a whirlwind outwards all around itself. Whether players are using a build that primarily focuses on magic, melee, or a bit of both in the case of a Confessor build in Elden Ring, defeating the Godskin Apostle will require Tarnished to keep their distance at medium range and close in for the attack.

Players can summon an ally against any Godskin Apostle, and magic damage attacks are the most effective against this optional boss in Elden Ring. Once the Godskin Apostle has been defeated, players can find the chest with the Godslayer’s Greatsword in a chest behind the arena.

Elden Ring is available on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S.

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