Drew Barrymore explains why she never had plastic surgery

Drew Barrymore opens up about her appearance.

In a new interview, the 48-year-old actress and daytime talk show host talked about aging and explained why she’s never had plastic surgery.

“I haven’t done anything and I’m going to keep that up as long as possible,” Drew said. People. “I don’t have any criteria for anyone who does something. But I don’t see myself resorting to it.”

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“And I look forward to seeing what I look like as a leather bag in the future!” she added laughing.

Drew also said that she is not interested in doing any work, mainly for fear of becoming obsessed with it.

“I have a highly addictive personality, so I’m worried about continuing to pursue it, doing this and doing that,” Drew explained. “That scares me, just because of my own approach to things. So I’m waiting to make modifications.”

Drew admitted that she dyes her hair to the point that she “no longer knows her real color.”

He also shared why he feels aging is not something to worry about.

“It means you’re alive, you’re living, and that’s a really good thing,” Drew said. “Accepting aging is a very positive and healthy message.”

“Health really becomes more important when there is danger,” he continued. “If you are healthy, you can focus on many other things, including beauty. But it really is the most important thing of all.”

Drew also recently shared a major update about his love life!

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