Drake gives fan $50,000 during weekend concert: find out why he did it

Drake was feeling very generous over the weekend.

During his weekend concert in Las Vegas, the 36-year-old musician went all out after capturing a poster that a fan had brought to the It’s all a blur arrest.

In a video captured at the concert, via kazzychase on TikTok, Drake gave the fan $50,000!

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The fan in question brought a sign to the concert that read: “I spent my furniture money on tickets to your two shows, OVO For Life.”

The sign definitely caught Drake’s attention, and he asked his DJ/manager to make sure the fan got something in return.

“My manager is my DJ… You know what, friend? The money for your furniture,” he is heard saying in the video. “I’m going to give you 50 bands (one thousand dollars) tonight because I love you.”

Drake also took the moment to share why he was doing that for the fan.

“You never know what the next person is going to be going through,” he told the crowd. “You never know what the person in front of you, to your left, to your right or behind you is going through. So I want to take a second in Vegas tonight. And just like I just did what I did, I want you to open your heart for a second and turn to someone you don’t know to give them some love or a compliment. “I want you to make someone’s night in Las Vegas tonight.”

Drake’s gift comes just after a few weeks of criticizing some fans for purposely throwing things at him on stage.

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