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Find Dragon City on Google Play, select Install until the percentage shows up, click Cancel and install the mod.

Today, let’s learn about a pet game. But this is no ordinary pet game like dog or cat. But it’s raising and taking care of cute and healthy dragons. Welcome to the game Dragon City – Dragon City. An extremely popular game on mobile phones. Let’s see what’s good and attractive about Dragon City game.

is a kind of online virtual pet simulation game. And amazing and eye catching 3D graphics for kids aged 4 and up. Dragon City has inspired the pet care game community on mobile since its launch. The game has a strong appeal to players. Show them excitement you won’t find in other games. With cute and colorful gameplay with unique features only available in Dragon City. Let the players feel comfortable with the easy to use interface. The game has received a lot of positive feedback and positive reviews from users and the gaming community.

Download mod Dragon City – become a talented dragon trainer

The process of raising dragons occupies a very important part. From egg hatching to adulthood. Depending on the species, they need to be properly fed. With that comes the right environment for its elements. So pay attention to their development, the right order can greatly affect the dragon’s development. This will also get you more gold.

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Dragons are also classified according to their rarity. The higher the rarity, the more powerful their attributes become as they grow. As they grow large enough, their appearance becomes more varied. From cute like a car to cooler and more aggressive. Not only that, but they will also learn some new skills and become stronger, which requires careful cultivation and selection.

Collect favorite dragons

If you are tired of hearing about dragons through books or history lessons, then Dragon City is a game that offers realistic dragon graphics. Players can easily choose any character. Of course, you must have enough money to buy them. If you are new to the game, you need to gain experience to win the game. From there accumulate the money you have and own the rarest dragon species. Instead of aiming for a lot of dragons, it’s better to selectively switch to the strongest warriors.

dragon city mode

Dozens of Charizards

The dragons in Dragon City are diverse and colorful. From their species to their rarity with over 1000 dragons. After a while, the game will update some dragons. The dragons here are divided according to the elements found in the wild. All include 15 elements: gold, leaf, water, fire, earth, electricity, ice, wind, light, darkness, purity, warrior, legend, ancient, magic. Players are very aware of these factors. It can help you achieve brilliant victories against powerful opponents. Not only that, you can also breed more types of dragons. The longer the breeding time, the rarer and stronger the dragon.

dragon city mod

Interesting feature

Dragon City is not just a dragon farming game. You will also have to upgrade the habitat to give them a proper home. For example, a fire dragon would be in a fire habitat and a water dragon would be in an ocean habitat. The higher the dragon’s habitat is upgraded, the higher the dragon limit will be. Also, this will give you more coins faster.

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Dragon City Mod Free Minutes

In order for your dragon to grow faster, food is also an extremely important factor. The bigger the dragon, the higher the need for food. So you need to upgrade the food production farm to meet the dragon’s needs. The farm is divided into 3 levels: Food Farm, Big Food Farm and Huge Food Farm. Higher level farms will produce more food with more variety in less time. In addition, you will also get more experience after each harvest.

Dragon City Android minimal mod

As your dragon team becomes stronger, you can join the arena. Earn lots of valuable rewards from winning matches. So try to build a quality team. In addition, you and your friends can send gifts to each other or complete in-game quests or collect items. This will get you more resources.

Great series of activities

One of the things that makes Dragon City players even more interesting is the game’s sequence of events. The game will continuously update many interesting events for you to experience, while providing players with motivation to create more items and resources. Help them a lot, make them stronger and feel happier. If you accidentally missed some in-game events, don’t worry because there are plenty of other events to follow. So join me to download Dragon City mod and experience it now. Play Dragon City to get the dragons you want and train them to be strong.

Download Dragon City Mobile MOD APK for Android (Menu, Onehit)

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