Does Post Malone have children? Everything you need to know about your daughter

In May 2022, rapper and songwriter Austin Richard Post, also known as Post Malone, became a father for the first time and welcomed a daughter. He and his fiancée, whose name is being kept private, surprised fans by announcing the arrival of the new baby.

The couple has been very careful about sharing details about the baby. Post Malone stated that he will not publish photos of his daughter. The public still does not know the baby’s name and exact date of birth. However, in the year since her arrival, Post Malone has shared touching details about her daughter and expressed her joy at embracing fatherhood with her.

Post Malone, when asked GQHe mentioned that despite enjoying touring and making music, it had become exhausting because he couldn’t see his daughter as much as he would like.

“[Being a dad] “She’s great,” Post Malone said of his daughter. “It’s very hard not being able to see her, but now she goes out more often. She’s huge, super tall, she’s a legend and I’m happy to see her. But it’s heartbreaking to have to leave and not be able to be with her all the time.”

Like any proud dad, Post Malone tattooed his daughter’s initials on his forehead

Although her full name remains unrevealed, Malone did share her daughter’s initials: DDP. She had these three letters tattooed on her forehead. The tattoo was completed in October 2022 by Chad Rowe, a tattoo artist. Sharing a photo of the rapper’s new tattoo on Instagram, Rowe expressed that receiving such a significant tattoo was a huge honor.

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In 2022, Malone teamed up with Moose Knuckles to create a gender-neutral sherpa and camo capsule collection, which also included children’s styles.

“I thought it would be fun for parents and their kids to be able to match up and, I guess, for kids to be cocky, in general,” Malone said. GQ. “I recently had a girl, she is four months old. I’m trying to get him a size; She is a little small, but she will outgrow him. “I just thought it was a fun thing to do, especially with the baby on the way at the time we were working on it.”

Of course, his daughter may be too young for Moose Knuckles right now. However, the rapper believes that it’s never too early to start her camouflage couture collection.

“She’s so arrogant. We got her jumpsuit, all kinds of Realtree camouflage, some nice hoodies and some zippers,” Malone detailed. “She’s so cool. She’s a lot cooler than me, but she was definitely inspired by me a little bit.”

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