DC’s New Robin Proves It’s Changed Its Original Definition of Heroism

Warning: Spoiler Batman’s White Knight Gift: Red Hood #1 Firstly!

The superhero image has changed a lot since its inception, and DC’s latest Robin is proof that the publisher is now pushing for a more realistic and communal approach to heroism. . Superheroes are often divided by their nature, flying above and keeping their distance from those they protect. Even in her introductory diary, Gan (new Robin Jason Todd is in training) shows that she has a strong bond with her neighbors that the older heroes never had.

in DC Batman: White Knight In the universe, Jason Todd, as the first Robin, never died at the hands of the Joker. Instead, Joker unmasks Jason Todd and asks him about his secret Batman identity before letting him go, knowing that betrayal will ruin Jason’s relationship with Bruce. Unable to bear the humiliation, Jason escaped the pursuit of Batman and Robin.

exist Batman’s White Knight Gift: Red Hood #1 Directed by Sean Murphy, Clay McCormack, Simone Di Meo and Dave Stewart, Jason Todd drifts aimlessly through Gotham City when the Red Lanterns attempt to rob a family liquor store, which they defeat. To his surprise, his attack is stopped by a mysterious girl (Gan) in a Robin costume, who seems to have nothing to do with Batman. After tracking her down and understanding her motives, he agrees to take her under his protection, and Jason Todd trains her to be the new Robin properly.

Gan’s genuine dedication to the community immediately sets him apart from other superheroes. When Jason asked her motives, she said “Batman… didn’t make it [her neighborhood of] East Hougang often…he just needs more help, that’s allHer focus is not on cleaning up Gotham City or pursuing some vague ideal of justice; it’s about protecting East Hougang and her neighborhood, from Mr. Shah’s liquor store to the Traffic Lights Gang itself (to Jason “You don’t have to hurt them – Traffic lights are usually drunk within twenty minutes‘) Gan’s first meeting with Jason is even more telling, as she states that “Clear the streets of bullies like you! “ When Gotham’s corrupt cop refuses to help and the heroes don’t pay attention, she’ll protect the community she holds dear.

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Gan was part of her community, but for a long time, DC superheroes stayed away from their neighborhoods. While Bruce Wayne was able to donate generously to various organizations and charities in Gotham, he used to live in mansions far from the city’s boundaries. On a more extreme note, Superman has a home, literally “Fortress of Loneliness,” located in the most remote corners of the planet. These old heroic archetypes live outside the social system, spreading a vision of justice, but not necessarily within the social infrastructures and ecosystems whose presence cannot change. change. Gan is different: she is part of the community as well as the people she protects, including the criminals she stops. It is these street heroes who can save the DC universe by bringing the heroes back into touch with the people and DC’s new Robin by changing the definition of “heroism” from an outside force. vaguely into a person who stands up for his cause to do it. within their own community.

Batman’s White Knight Gift: Red Hood #1 Now available from DC Comics.

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