‘Danger!’ Fans are not happy with Mayim Bialik’s return as host

Long-running contest fans Danger! were excited and dismayed by a recent promotional video starring Mayim Bialik. The promo, launched by the official. Danger! Instagram account, preview of the next Halloween special 13 nights of danger!

In the promo, Bialik, who had not appeared on the show since the start of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) writers’ strike in May, wore a black dress with a white collar, reminiscent of Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. He posed next to his co-host, Ken Jennings, who was wearing a cape that partially covered his face.

The Instagram caption accompanying the post reads: “Welcome to 13 Nights of #Jeoparween, where the spookiest categories to ever grace Alex Trebek’s stage make their presence known from now until Halloween night.” “. He also directed viewers to follow the spooky competition on the show’s YouTube or TikTok channels.


tough crowd

However, Bialik’s appearance in the promo sparked a wide range of reactions from fans. Some expressed their displeasure with his return, with one user commenting: “Mayim? Thanks for the warning.” Another user even suggested that he should have stayed on strike and promised to unfollow the account.

There were also comments that conveyed disapproval of her presentation, such as: “Oh, no, not her again.” One user explicitly stated: “Mayim hosting is really scary.”

On the other hand, some fans celebrated the return of the Big Bang Theory student, excitedly writing, “Yay, Mayim” and “Can’t wait for Mayim to come back.” One user encouraged others to stop hating and use their energy for something good, highlighting the importance of positivity.

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no one was saved

While Bialik faced criticism from some Danger! Fans Ken Jennings, who was a previous host of the show and had his own share of fans, was not spared either. One user accused him of having a passive-aggressive attitude and added that contestants should be careful with him.

Mayim Bialik’s return to Danger! Hosting duties sparked controversy earlier in the year when some fans accused her of being inconsistent with the show’s rules. One notable incident occurred during Double Jeopardy! round when a contestant selected a question in the “Presidential Doin’s” category. After the contestant responded with “Who is Adams?”, Bialik asked for clarification as to which former president, John Adams or John Quincy Adams, the contestant was referring to. The contestant had actually answered the question correctly, but confusion arose over Bialik’s answer for clarification.

Despite returning for the Halloween special, Bialik has yet to confirm whether she will continue her hosting role on Danger! full time. Her return has sparked conversations among fans about her tenure as host and the legacy of the iconic quiz show.

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