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Cindy Karlsen is an American author who has lived a simple life in the United States of America. Cindy Karlsen rose to fame as the wife of a Norwegian politician and criminal, Karl Karlsen.

Early life

Cindy Karlsen was born Cindy Best in the year 1966, in the United States of America. As of 2021, her age is fifty-six years old. Likewise, she is a native of the United States and has followed the Christian religion. As for her educational background, she attended a local high school. However, there is no more information about her parents, her siblings, her education, etc.


Apart from his professional life and career, he also loves to participate in other activities. His favorite activities include reading, cooking, writing and watching documentaries. Similarly, she loves the color navy blue more than other colors. The American author also loves to eat the most popular foods, such as pizza, pasta, burgers, French fries, and many more. It seems that he is not a demanding person and prefers to keep a low and simple profile.

Professional life

Cindy Karlsen seemed to be just a housewife when her husband, Karl Karlsen, was alive. As of now, Karl’s wife Karlsen also works in the field at the Windmill farm and at the craft market. Apart from this, there is no further information about what Karlsen has been up to and what she has remained interested in. But it is certain that Karlsen is a very honest, loyal and kind person. Karlsen has sacrificed her husband for the illegal work she has done.

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Her husband’s career.

Her late husband, Karl Karlsen, was a Norwegian politician in the Labor Party. Karlsen was elected as a member of the Norwegian Parliament for Østfold in the year 1954. However, Karlsen was not elected again in the year 1958. Before this, Karl worked as a deputy representative during the term from 1950 to 1953. But he remained for most of this time as a regular representative, replacing Anton Berge, who died in July 1951. He then became part of the executive committee of the Tune municipal council between 1925 and 1937.

Karla also worked as mayor from 1937 to 1941 and again from 1945 to 1971. Then, the politician held the presidency of the local section of the party from 1923 to 1926. She turned out to be a member since long ago from Østfold County Council. In addition to politics, Karl studied as a mechanic from 1912. From 1930 to 1963, Karl became director of Greåker Cellulosefabrik. In addition, Karl was also committed to his union and especially focused on the fight against tuberculosis.

Subtitle: Cindy Karlsen in an interview (Source: Internet Archive)

Net worth 2023

From now on, Cindy Karlsen must be doing something to support her family. Since there is no information about Karlsen’s current profession, there is also no information about her salary and net worth of her. However, according to some sources, Karlsen has a net worth of around $50 thousand.

Additionally, Karlsen’s main source of income is his participation in the Windmill craft and agricultural market. Additionally, Karlsen received around $80 million as a divorce settlement from Karl Karlsen. Until now, Karlsen has been living a happy and peaceful life in Farmington, New York, USA, along with her children.

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Marital status and scandal

Talking about Cindy Karlsen’s relationship status, she was in a marital relationship with a guy named Karl Karlsen. The couple married in 1993, in a private ceremony. She and Karl previously resided in rural Varick, New York. Together Karlsen and Karl Karlsen have a son named Alex Karlsen. After being in a marital relationship for eighteen years, the couple divorced when she discovered that Karl killed Christina Karlsen.

According to The Washington Post, she even said, “The way he explained it made a lot of sense to me. Karl had an answer for everything.” According to some sources, Cindy is found to have three stepchildren, Levi Karlsen, Kati Karlsen, and Erin Karlsen. Furthermore, Karlsen also called the police and they arrested Karl Karlsen after Cindy found out that she had killed Christina and her son in order to get some insurance money. Karl took his first criminal step by setting fire in 1991.

After that, Karlsen inhumanely killed his son, Levi Karlsen, in 2008 in Seneca County. Then, in March 2020, the Calaveras County judge announced Karl Karlsen’s sentence to life in prison without the possibility of bail. This situation was shown on ABC 20/20 in an episode published on Friday, June 5, 2020 at 9 pm EST. Karl’s daughter from his first wedding and his second wife were also present to give a special interview. Apart from this, Karl Karlsen has been involved in bad rumors and controversies.

Cindy Karlsen

Caption: Cindy Karlsen at the restaurant (Source: Syracuse)

Cindy Karlsen – Body Measurement

As for Karlsen’s body measurements, he has an average height of 5 feet 4 inches or 163 cm or 1.63 m. Karlsen also has a suitable body weight of around 65 kg or 143 lbs. Likewise, the body measurements of the American author are 40 inches, 34 inches, and 38 inches.

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Karlsen has a light complexion with a pair of blue eyes and long blonde hair. The American author is not a vegetarian either. In addition to this, Karlsen has a well-maintained body with curves. Karl Karlsen is not alive, but Karlsen is alive and appears to be in good health.

Cindy Karlsen – Social Networks

As for the social media part, Cindy has never been active on any of the social media platforms to this day. The American author does not have an Instagram or even a Facebook account. On the other hand, Karlsen’s husband Karl Karlsen has also not been active on any of the social media platforms to this day.

Since none of them are active on social media platforms, there is very little information and images of them on the internet. Additionally, there are several social media accounts in Karlsen’s name that are now inactive. But it is certain that those accounts are not Karlsen’s accounts.

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