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An exciting fairy tale world is waiting for you to visit and adventure at any time. I’m talking about Charm King, a puzzle game set in an interesting fairy tale. Although it only has the gameplay of the classic diamond game. But the integrated elements in the game will definitely make you feel extremely interesting and unique. There’s something special behind the game and its gameplay is so familiar but you’ve never seen it before.

If at a glance the image of the game. Reminds you of puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga. Or any similar game, you’re right. Charm King has the same gameplay as the immortal puzzle monument of nearly ten years. Even if it is inspired by their predecessors. Charm King still has very unique elements that set her apart from most people. Of course, everything has to change to be reasonable and not boring.

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The setting of Charm King is built like a fairy tale. In the world you go adventure. You will meet a lot of people who will impress you a lot. Solve their problems by solving puzzles given by the game. The game system includes hundreds of consecutive games. Each level will be the premise leading the story to the climax. You have to do the missions given on each screen, complete them and make friends with cute characters. Help people live happy happy lives.

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The gameplay of Charm King, as mentioned above, is almost too familiar and you will quickly absorb it. Each level will consist of an area with squares next to each other. Each square contains badges of different shapes, such as clouds, red leaves, peas, etc. You will move the badges to form a row of 3 or more identical pieces to collect them. . The mission of each screen requires you to collect something and collect it. But you should also count each step carefully, because the number of steps is limited.

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use nice combos

In the order of the game screen, the difficulty will increase gradually. At some point you may not be able to collect all the claims with just one row of 3 badges. Because your badge movement is limited. If you use up your turn and still don’t complete the objective, you will be considered a failure. So the most necessary solution here is to use a combination of 4 or more badge rows. When there are 4, it radiates energy along both sides of the row. The energy halo will run endlessly, lighting up the badges that need to be collected for this level. When you collect glow badges, you’ll get 2 instead of 1.

And when arranging the badges in the shape of an L. The energy flow will radiate from the 4 sides in the shape of a plus sign, with the same effect. Especially when 5 badges are lined up, the energy is spread horizontally to both sides by all rows. This means you have up to 10 energy bars to get through the rest of the badges on the map. Increase the speed at which you can get twice as many badges.

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Unlock a fascinating story

In addition to being fun to play, the gameplay is already too familiar. Charm King also collects many funny and engaging stories. You will unlock them by completing certain milestones. Each story will feature characters that look like they came out of a fairy tale world. Funny stories about princes and princesses. The wizard boy, the partner of the baby dragon. Or a skilled painter and a clever geographer. Each story will revolve around the lives and problems of the characters. Your job is to help and fix these problems. Make friends with the characters and help them live a happy life.

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Exciting events and gifts

There are many screen designs, which can be up to hundreds, thousands of levels, each with its own difficulty. But you don’t have to play them all. Maybe players who want to challenge themselves will want to do that. If you are not one of them, feel free to enjoy Charm King’s constantly updated daily events. Challenges will be set for you, such as completing a level in a number of small rounds. Or collect as many badges as possible. The challenge isn’t too difficult if you really stick with it. Of course, the game will give you rewards worth the effort.

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Bring in a funny story, with fairy-tale details. These follow a fun and cute edge dresser. With a gameplay that is easy to absorb and get used to, the charm of Charm King is undeniable. There’s no adult element, making it a great experience for all ages. Guaranteed to bring you laughter and relaxation. Download the Charm King mod and master the puzzle.

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