Brittany Snow Talks About Working With Nick Jonas On ‘The Good Half’: ‘I Love Him Like A True Brother’

Brittany Snow arrives on the red carpet in a sparkly blue dress for the premiere of her new movie, the good halfduring the Tribeca Festival 2023 at the BMCC Theater earlier this week in New York City.

The 37-year-old actress was joined by Nick Jonas, Robert Schwartzman, Mason Cufari, David Arquette, Matt Walsh, Dee Beasnael and Elisabeth Shue.

In a recent interview with PeopleBrittany revealed that Nick feels like her brother in real life, after playing brothers in the movie.

“I’m a fan of Nick Jonas, specifically. Especially after doing this movie,” he shared. “I love him as a brother because we play brother and sister, but I got to know him as a human, as a person, and as a brother. I think he is so talented and also a very, very good person who deserves every success.”

Brittany added: “It’s a hard thing to do, when you’re so successful and you deserve everything, so I just wish her the best.”

FYI: Brittany used Alexander Vauthier. nick used Dior.

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