Briana Hampton Arrest: What Did She Do? Mugshot and Charges Details

Briana Hampton’s arrest is now trending on TikTok. Continue reading this article till the end if you want to know more about her. Briana Hampton is a social media personality with over 857k followers on her verified Instagram account, where she can be found under the moniker @_justbeingbriana.

Her Instagram profile also states that she is the owner of Amoure Beauty Boutique. Hampton, in addition to being active on Instagram, has a sizable following on her TikTok profile. Her IG profile also states that she is an author. This suggests that she is also interested in writing. Furthermore, she often finds herself in the limelight for various reasons, and now another piece of news has brought her into the limelight.

News of Briana Hampton’s arrest trending on TikTok

Briana Hampton’s arrest went viral on social media sites like TikTok. Many TikTok users have been looking for news, but verified media sites have yet to report anything. Her arrest became public after her controversy with her husband Robert Hampton, aka mrslatruth. According to reports, they are on the way to divorce.

The relationship between them is strained for various reasons, as stated on numerous social networks. A snippet of Hampton’s arrest records was recently posted on Facebook. A Facebook group called Keeping Up Wit Tha DRAMA posted a video of a person asking the question, “Is she locked up now?” I’m not sure how true that is.” Many individuals were amazed and commented below. The roll is still available on Facebook, where additional information can be obtained.

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Is Briana Hampton in jail?

According to an online source, Briana Hampton is in jail. As previously noted, a Facebook group posted a reel of documents about Hampton’s incarceration. On July 26, 2023, at 9:11 p.m., she was arrested and charged. The competent department did not provide more information about it. A Facebook user said: “Yal kills me how mad everyone is at this woman; go to jail and see how she will answer for you.” Additionally, her wife mrslatruth made a post on Facebook that confused people even more. He said on his Facebook page: “Free #RobertHampton aka #latruth.”

Briana Hampton

Briana Hampton’s arrest and charges

Briana Hampton’s photo had not been released at the time of this post, but everyone has been looking for it since news of her arrest went viral on social media. Hampton is reportedly facing charges of revenge pornography. Hampton allegedly exposed her ex-husband’s nudity, according to a video posted to Facebook in response to rumors of her detention. Hampton was arrested for this and is now in prison. More information will be available soon. In addition, you can find Briana on Instagram, where she recently posted some stories. Her fans are asking more questions and we will release further information once the verified news arrives.

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