Bhad Bhabie causes fight at West Hollywood restaurant

Reality star and rapper Bhad Bhabie is in the news again. And it’s not for a good reason. He allegedly got into an altercation with some customers at a restaurant in West Hollywood. The reality star has been in previous altercations over the years. However, one of his representatives told TMZ that she was not the instigator in this situation.

“Danielle was just trying to have a relaxing dinner with her friends because she is so pregnant. So the problem was that these drunk women were filming Danielle and her group and then they started yelling things at them,” Bhad Bhabie’s reps told TMZ.

“Danielle was arguing with her table. So her boyfriend was trying to be protective and stop these people from harassing them and filming them.”

Bhad Bhabie got into a fight in a restaurant. (Via TMZ)

– Drama Alert (@DramaAlert) March 3, 2024

TMZ cites Bhad Bhabie as a non-aggressor

TMZ obtained video of the incident that occurred at Toca Madera in West Hollywood. The outlet has a video that confirms what the representative told them.

“Two women face to face shouting at each other. She drops F-bombs. Fists raised before one of them is restrained. And taken from Toca Madera, a West Hollywood restaurant,” writes TMZ.

“As heated as things got, there is no visual evidence that Danielle was ever involved in the worst of the fight.”

Reality star had an alleged argument with her boyfriend

TMZ was able to contact several people who witnessed the incident. Witnesses said she was in the melee. Bhad Bhabie was arguing with her boyfriend Le Vaughn.

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“But the people at the restaurant tell us what caused the whole incident. Several witnesses say that the rapper was arguing with her boyfriend Le Vaughn. Then, while they were having dinner, she allegedly slapped him,” TMZ writes.

“While they were arguing, we were told that someone at Danielle’s table noticed someone at an adjacent table recording BB and Le’s dispute, which is why the fight broke out, which is seen in the video.

“At the end of the video, you see Bhad Bhabie, who now has a short pixie haircut, get up from her table, ironically, very calmly and head to the exit with her man. Follow his friends who had been removed from the fight.”

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