Bam Margera admits he ‘didn’t want to wake up’ amid custody battle

While in the middle of a custody battle with his ex-wife, Nicole Boyd, Donkey Star Bam Margera admits he is struggling mentally during this difficult time.

During an interview with Us Weekly, Margera talked about not wanting to wake up after a 5,150 hold over the summer. She was staying at the Sunset Marquis after the hospitalization. “I wasn’t planning on leaving,” she explained, noting that she brought a lot of drugs with her. “I had so many lawsuits and lawyers taking my money and not being in Donkey and have a dispute with them. Every time he got a phone call, it was just a problem.”

Bam Margera further explained that during the situation he did what he rarely does: pray. “I thought, ‘If I wake up from this amount of drugs and alcohol that I bought, then please show me the best eye candy in the world, and I need a tan pit bull.'”

The next morning, he woke up and immediately thought that he didn’t expect to be alive. He also didn’t expect what happened next. “I went to the pool and heard [my fiance Dannii Marie],” he recalled. “Talking about, she’s 44 years old, Sicilian and Irish. When I met her, she said, ‘I have to go home and walk my dog’—a tan pitbull.”

Bam Margera had no choice but to thank God for this meeting. Marie, a stretching coach, especially helped Donkey the student sobers up. She also stayed by her side while he detoxed and helped him get into shape. He can now go back to skateboarding.

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“Stretching has a lot to do with skateboarding,” he explained of Marie’s help. “I would do it for five minutes and give up. [A] The doctor said that in 2013, [my muscles] They were so dehydrated from alcohol abuse. “They were rotten rubber bands and they would never go back to normal.”

However, Marie dismissed the doctors’ claims and helped him work on stretching. “I’ve been skating better than ever,” declared Bam Margera. “Now I skate every day.”

Bam Margera reveals that he has been sober for 130 days

Meanwhile, Bam Margera revealed that he is now 130 days sober and is looking forward to what’s next. She also stated that she is happier when she skateboards.

“I call mom-and-pop skate shops and let them know I’m going in that direction,” he explained. “And all the locals who show me the good places.”

He also talked about reuniting with his son, Pheonix. He said he now participates in monitored visits.

As for his routine, Bam Margera described the healthiest lifestyle he has. “I would always wake up not knowing what to do during the day…she would just look across the street, see an Irish pub, and say, ‘That looks like fun,’” she continued. “Now I wake up, walk the dogs, stretch, go to the gym, go skating. “It’s all a structured and fun schedule.”

Regarding his life with Marie, Margera added: “It’s just perfect.”

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