‘Audible Crinkling’: ‘The View’ co-host injured while doing the split after 2 glasses of wine

Sunny Hostin recently proved that wine and gymnastics do No mix.

The view Co-host Sunny Hostin celebrated her 55th birthday with wine and a torn hamstring.

As reported by entertainment weekly, Hostin revealed during his birthday episode on The view who celebrated her big day while dealing with an injury she suffered while spending time with her children.

The show’s legal expert explained: “I feel good. I still feel like I’m in really good shape, I feel like I have good knees and I can still do the splits. I have proof of this, I did a split last week.”

She continued, “However, my kids challenged me last week and I said, ‘Of course I can do a split!’ Now I have a torn hamstring.”


Ana Navarro asked Hostin: “How many glasses of wine did you drink before doing it?”

“I was two years old,” Hostin responded candidly.

“That’s not sober,” Navarro joked before Hostin continued recalling the incident.

“I was warming up, and I was actually going to do a split here and my husband shakes his head,” Hostin explained, before the camera showed his partner Manny, sitting in the audience.

Hostin in ‘Behind the table’

Before talking about the injury in The viewHostin revealed his injury on the show. Behind the table podcast. During the podcast, the talk show host even went as far as to describe the sound she heard when her muscles tore.

Hostin explained to executive producer Brian Teta: “I hear like a little audible crack or crunch. I thought, ‘Help me up!’”

News of Hostin’s wine-induced injury comes a month after his son, Gabriel, was hit by a car while skateboarding. Gabriel suffered serious injuries due to the accident.

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In the podcast, Hostin recalled: “He got hit by a car and flew on the hood of the car, and since he wasn’t wearing the helmet I bought him, the only way to protect his head was to land. on his right shoulder, which was dislocated and we believe it is somewhat fractured.”

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