Arrowverse Creator Teases Brandon Routh Superman Sequel Show 5 Years After His Crisis On Infinite Earths Appearance

Brandon Routh’s Superman may get a third chance at life via a sequel, according to a recent tease from the Arrowverse co-creator.

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  • Arrowverse co-creator Marc Guggenheim has hinted that there could be a sequel series starring Brandon Routh as Superman.
  • Routh played Superman in the 2006 film
    superman returns
    and reprized the role in the Arrowverse’s 2019 crossover event.
  • Routh made his acting debut in Arrow as Ray Palmer and later played the Atom in the Arrowverse.
    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

One of the creators of DC’s “Arrow Universe” has revealed that there may be a sequel starring Brandon Routh as Superman.Routh originally played Superman in the 2006 film superman returns.although superman returns It earned decent reviews and turned a profit, but it wasn’t enough to spawn a sequel. Routh reprized the role 13 years later as part of the Arrowverse. crisis on infinite earths cross event.

Marc Guggenheim, who helps develop The CW’s Arrowverse, recently replied Twitter discussed by teasing a possible sequel series superman returns. This was in response to a post discussing Routh’s role as Superman in both the original movies and the Arrowverse. Here’s what Guggenheim said about the possible series:

Guggenheim wrote, “Brandon and I have discussed a sequel series. We have some very exciting ideas…” His tweet sparked a lot of excitement, with many expressing their desire to see Routh reprise his role as Superman.

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Brandon Routh and DC History Explained

He has played multiple DC characters

superman returns Brandon Routh made his DC debut in 2006.While not a direct sequel, the film is intended to serve as a spiritual successor to the first two Christopher Reeve films Superman movie, while ignoring the less popular installments. superman returns A sequel was originally planned, but was ultimately cancelled. Routh will next return to Washington as part of the Arrowverse.

Before reprising his role as Superman, Routh played Ray Palmer, aka the Atom, in The Atom. arrow.Routh continues to play Ray Palmer in various Arrowverse shows, and in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.when the arrowverse completes its mission crisis on infinite earths Following the incident, Routh returned to the role of Superman.Thanks crisis As a multiverse story, Routh isn’t just playing Superman again, but the Superman he played in the movie. It will be interesting to see if Routh plays Superman for a third time if the sequel series does come to fruition.

source: Marc Guggenheim/Twitter

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