Arrow: How Much Was The Cast Paid For The First & Final Episode

Since its debut in October 2012, the superhero series arrow Stephen Amell’s compelling portrayal of the comic book character captivated audiences around the world and became an instant hit. Over time, the show’s popularity created a shared universe of interconnected series on The CW, speed, Superwoman, the legend of tomorrowand more, all happening in similar environments.

in spite of arrow The show ended in January 2020 and its fanbase is as enthusiastic as ever, and its stars are still admired by the show’s supporters to this day. Given their importance to the success of the series, they also benefit greatly from it. Thank celebrity net wortheconomic interests of actors from their time arrow Everything is available.

Colin Donnell: Salary unknown

Although Colin Donnell’s Tommy Merlin died in arrowIn the season 1 finale, he continued his role in hallucinations and flashbacks in the sequels, remaining present throughout the show. Tommy was eventually resurrected by Oliver in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event.

Due to his meager screen time, it seems likely that Donnell will be paid less than his co-stars, but sadly that has yet to be reported. However, the star’s net worth is said to be estimated at around $1 million and he is paid as much as arrow is likely to play an important role.

Emily Bett Rickards: Salary unknown

Felicity Smoak looks nervous in Arrow

Felicity Smoak by Emily Bett Rickards was originally in arrow As a shy IT technician in Queen Consolidated, she becomes Oliver’s bodyguard and eventually falls in love with her heroic boss throughout the series.

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Rickards has a smaller screen credit than her co-stars and it seems likely that Rickards salary will reflect this, but no figures are available yet. Despite this, the Rickards has a reported net worth of $2 million.

Paul Blackthorne: Salary unknown

Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance in Arrow

Quentin Lance was played by Paul Blackthorne during his stint arrow, argued with Oliver because he believed his daughter Sarah had died as a result of his actions. Lance eventually learns the truth about her life as a bodyguard, and even joins Oliver in his brave crusade.

beyond the recurring role emergency room And twenty fourBlackthorne is the best fit for his job arrow, which could indicate his salary – currently unknown – is lower than that of the more established actors. However, his estimated net worth is still $3 million.

Suzanne Thompson: Salary unknown

Queen Moira looks arrogant in arrow

Susanna Thompson plays Oliver and Queen Moira’s mother in the first two seasons arrowHer character made questionable choices during her time on the show (such as her romance with Malcolm Merlin) before she died at the hands of a mortal enemy. shared by Oliver, Slade Wilson.

Thompson has a historical story on television, appearing in Law & Order: SVUtypes interstellar travel series and some other projects, but her specific salary arrow Currently not available. Meanwhile, her estimated net worth is currently $3 million.

Katie Cassidy: Salary unknown

Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance/Black Canary in Arrow

Katie Cassidy at arrow The daring black canary, known as the Laurel Lance. A lawyer turned bodyguard and ex-girlfriend of Oliver Queen, she is a key member of Team Arrow, dedicated to rooting out those who pose a danger to Star City.

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Cassidy has starred in a number of popular movies and series throughout her career to date – including in Supernatural And gossip Girl – that shows she is well compensated for her contributions arrow as. Her actual salary per episode is unknown, but her net worth is estimated at $3 million.

David Ramsey: Salary unknown

John Diggle with a gun in Arrow

David Ramsey became a fan favorite as John Diggle became a fan favorite and John Diggle became known as Spartan (Spartan), who started the show as bodyguard of Oliver and one of his closest friends, and soon joined his guard. While his character was created specifically for the series, that hasn’t stopped Ramsay from making a big impact.

Also starred in popular shows like skillful, Ramsey is well known in the world of television, so his salary probably reflects this value. Although the exact number is not known, his net worth is estimated at $4 million.

John Barrowman: Salary unknown

Malcolm Merlin in a black archer outfit in Arrow

John Barrowman became one of them arrowThe most iconic villain is the cunning Dark Archer, a wealthy businessman (and Thea’s father, played by Willa Holland) who plotted to take risks in the first season and attempt to destroy the Glades , claiming the lives of tens of thousands of people. get risk.

The actor is also known for his role in Which doctor? and its derivative series firewood and torchesshows that he is arrow. His salary per episode is currently unknown to the public, but his net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Colton Haynes: Salary unknown

Roy Harper plays Arsenal in Arrow

Colton Haynes ‘Roy Harper has been trying to be a hero all this time arrowbegins as a street criminal, who is later protected by Oliver as his apprentice – while in a relationship with Thea, Oliver’s half-sister.

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Haynes became famous after two fights arrow and MTV little Wolf, while his salary may reflect this, is unknown at this time. However, his net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Willa Holland: Salary unknown

Arrow Willa Holland as Queen Thea

Holland played Thea Queen – later known as Speedy – in the film arrow. Like Diggle, Thea is an original entry in the series (taking elements of Mia Dearden from the comics), but is still an audience favorite.

Holland is best known for her work on television, appearing in snail And gossip Girl, so it’s reasonable to expect her per-episode pay to take those credits into account. That information has yet to be made available, but Holland’s net worth is said to be estimated at around $5 million.

Stephen Amell: First Episode – $30,000 / Final Episode – $125,000

Green Arrow in a quest in Green Arrow

like a star arrowAmell leads the show with force, instantly winning viewers’ investment in Oliver’s transition from billionaire playboy to famous masked Rogue hero as he scrambles to save his city. himself from increased crime during his 5 year absence.

in 2012, program list Amell is said to make $30,000 per episode. However, by arrowIn the final season, he is said to have made $125,000 per episode. His estimated net worth is $7 million.

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