Ariana Grande Stalker faces conviction and broke into her home 92 times

Ariana Grande’s longtime stalker pleaded guilty to charges of stalking, residential burglary and criminal threats.

According to TMZ, Aharon Zebulun Israel Brown has been stalking Grande in both Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties since early 2021. Between February 2021 and September 2021, he broke into her home 92 times.

Santa Barbara County District Attorney John T. Savrnoch said the stalker will be sentenced in May for his crimes. It was noted that he will be sentenced to three years and eight months in a California state prison for his crimes. Although Grande imposed a 5-year restraining order on him, that didn’t stop Brown from continually harassing the pop star.

In 2022, he ended up breaking into his home in Montecito by cutting the wires connected to the alarm system and phone lines. The authorities discovered him curled up in one of the small spaces of the residence. Fortunately, she was not there at the time.

After his stay in prison, Brown receives a restraining order prohibiting him from having any contact with Ariana Grande for 10 years.

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande recently addressed the controversy surrounding her relationship with Wicked co-star Ethan Slater on his new single “Yes, And?”

In the song, Grande tells her critics to just mind their own business. “Your business is yours and mine is mine,” she sings. “Why do you care so much about who I travel with?”

Grande and Slater began dating just days after she announced her separation from her husband, Dalton Gomez. Slater filed for divorce from his wife Lilly Jay after reports revealed her relationship with Grande. The former couple shares a son.

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Ariana Grande recently opened up about the ‘transformative’ and ‘challenging’ year she experienced following her divorce from Dalton Gomez

Leaving 2023 behind, Ariana Grande recently took to Instagram to reflect on the “transformative” and “challenging” year she experienced. This was after her divorce from Dalton Gomez.

While reflecting on the year, Grande wrote on her Instagram Stories: “There were so many beautiful but polarizing feelings. I have never felt more at the mercy and acceptance of what life was screaming to teach me. I have never felt more fulfilled or present in my work, being able to appreciate every moment.”

Ariana Grande also said that she has never felt more pride, joy or love and at the same time feel so deeply understood by others who don’t know her. “I’ve learned that one of those things is much more important than the other.”

Grande went on to add that she is committed to reacting to things that deserve only her energy. She also plans to distance herself and protect herself from things she doesn’t care about.

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