Andros Georgiou Wikipedia, Wife, Wiki, Net Worth, Son, Age

Andros Georgiou Wikipedia, Wife, Wiki, Net Worth, Son, Age

Andros Georgiou Wikipedia, Wife, Wiki, Net Worth, Son, Age – Following the death of George Michael on December 25, Andros Georgiou, the late pop star’s cousin and former partner, has spoken out. Andros Georgiou is sure that his dear cousin died accidentally after drinking too much alcohol and drugs.

Andros Georgiou Wikipedia, Wife, Wiki, Net Worth, Son, Age

According to Andros, a music producer, the family needs answers to move forward. In the end, he blamed those “closest to the 53-year-old singer”, claiming that George Michael had spent three years in treatment and was trying to live a normal life.

George Michael died on Christmas Day at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, leaving a host of questions unanswered as Andros found his passing strange.

In a Facebook post, Mr. Georgiou broke his silence and asked Michael’s partner, Fadi Fawaz, a few questions. Andros vowed to find out the truth and added, “I just want to find out what really happened: what was in his blood at the time, who gave it to him, and why did he have it?” It.”

Although Andros Georgiou had not spoken to the late actor in 12 years when he died, he insisted it was not a suicide. Michael and Andros shared a strong bond. He even travels around the world with his cousin. Andros testified that he repeatedly pleaded with Michael to seek treatment out of fear that his drug abuse would eventually take his life.

The results of the singer’s autopsy were inconclusive. Other toxicity tests were ordered. In fact, Andros and Michael are not related. Growing up, the two were simply close enough to be called cousins. Andros and George eventually became closer because of their father’s closeness.

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Andros is present when George, for the first time as half of the Wham! and then, as a solo artist, he became an international music superstar. According to his LinkedIn page, Andros founded Hardback Records in 1986 and then was the director of George’s Aegean Records label in the mid-’90s. Before people knew about iTunes or Spotify, Andros helped make Aegean into the world. became one of the pioneers in the digital music distribution industry.

They apparently stopped talking when George was arrested in 1998 for allegedly engaging in obscene behavior in a public restroom at Will Rogers Park in Beverly Hills, according to sources on the web. Many pictures of Andros and George from their time together are easily accessible online. George Michael is seen holding Andros’ son James, who is also Michael’s godchild, in one photo.

James Kennedy, Harry Georgiou and Dylan Georgiou are the three sons of Andros Georgiou. He has a wife named Jackie. His son James Kennedy is a reality TV star who participated in Vanderpump Rules.

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