Andrew Lambrou Sexuality: Is He Gay Or Dating Anyone? Relationship

Is Andrew Lambrou gay? There have been many questions about the Sydney-born artist’s sexuality and love life. Here’s what we know so far. Andrew Lambrou is a skilled Australian singer from New South Wales. According to the latest rumors, the 35-year-old singer will compete at the Eurovision Song Contest as a representative of Cyprus. The rising singer performed Break A Broken Heart at the 67th Song Contest. The former X-Factor finalist and Australian artist took part in the trials to represent Australia in 2022.

After participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, the young artist made headlines. As a result, Lambrou’s personal life became a topic of public debate. Many people are interested in his sexual orientation. As a result, this is what we know so far.

Is Andrew Lambrou gay? Girl and sexuality

Andrew Lambrou is not gay. There was no official word on his sexual orientation. As a result, the Sydney native’s sexual orientation is most likely heterosexual. Unfortunately, Andrew likes to keep his personal life out of the limelight. As for his current girlfriend, the Electrify hitmaker doesn’t seem to be dating anyone.

For almost a decade, the Australian singer worked in the music business. He describes music as his calling. He is currently at a pivotal point in his music career, representing Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest. As a result, he must focus on achieving his aspirations and goals. The musician’s dedication to music is palpable. Andrew Lambrou’s sexual orientation is most likely heterosexual. Anyone who becomes the singer’s lover/partner will be very happy.

Andrew Lambrou comes from a Greek-Cypriot family

Lambrou was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on May 25, 1998. He grew up in a Greek-Cypriot household. As a result, Andrew was chosen to represent Cyprus at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. Furthermore, the grandfather of the Sydney-born musician is said to be from Paphos, Cyprus. Lambrou is also said to have Greek ancestry. According to SBS Greek, one of Andrew’s aspirations is to visit famous locations where his family hails from. He wants to know where it all started. Lambrou’s musical adventure began when he was very young. When the musician was five years old, his mother enrolled him in a music school.

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Andrew Lambrou’s parents appreciated his talent

The singer’s parents noticed his musical inclination and encouraged him in every way. They were the ones who helped him get started, even with the videos he shared on social media. Andrew Lambrou’s father always said that music was part of the Lambrou family. The singer attributes his success to his parents. “I love them,” said the little musician.

Andrew Lambrou

Andrew recalls family gatherings when his uncle played the Bouzomuki and everyone listened with rapt attention to the Greek music. Despite not knowing the words, he says that emotional songs like “Soma mou” by Notis Sfakianakis deeply appealed to him. Andrew Lambrou has made a name for himself in the music industry and has a large following on the Internet. Last year, he entered the “Eurovision – Australia Decides 2022” contest with the song “Electrify”. His song, Break a Broken Heart, describes the anguish of someone who has been hurt by someone they care about. But they are strong and cannot be broken by suffering.

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