Anchorman: Brick’s 10 Funniest Quotes

the 2004s Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Will Ferrell shows off so much, that his character’s name is included in the movie’s subtitles. However, there are so many great members of the supporting cast, and there’s one actor more than any other who will be tit-for-tat with Ferrell when improvising.

Steve Carell’s performance as dull weather forecaster Brick Tamland is as good as Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy, and Brick is said to have even more iconic lines. Not only that, but Brick steals the show from Ron when it comes to the underrated 2013 sequel, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Chani . compliment tiles

“Your hair is like wet popcorn.”

More than any other character, Brick is the standout character in anchor 2. The sequel may not have lived up to the perfection of the previous one, but Brick has a lot of lines as good as any of his lines in the first movie. When he meets Chani, who is basically the female version of himself, it makes for some genius commercials from Carell.

When trying to compliment her, Brick tells her that her curly hair looks like wet popcorn. That’s pretty much what an alien would say to someone after just being told what a compliment is. And Chani gives some ridiculously hilarious compliments about.

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Brick screams about nothing

“I don’t know what we’re shouting about!… Loud noise”

Brick Tamland screaming in Ed's office in Anchorman

One of the best things about firsts anchor the film is not only a silly comedy with no clear story, but there is a disruption in the lives of the characters when a woman enters the workforce. It was a great commentary on sexism in the 70s and brought attention to the fact that sexism in movies is still prevalent today. It also makes for some genius comedies.

Since Brick was the dumbest of the four members of the news team, it took him a beat to keep up with what the other three were saying, and this is the perfect example of that. After their work is interrupted by Veronica Corningstone, a woman of their same rank at work, they all take turns shouting about why they are unhappy. When it was Brick’s turn, he innocently engaged in screaming despite not knowing what was going on.

Chani . Protection Brick

“Leave her alone! Get your filthy hands off her!”

Brick and Chani drink soda together in Anchorman 2

The goofy characters in movies are often the most emotional. But while there may be some research behind the text when it comes to characters like Fredo in Godfatherit’s unlikely that Steve Carell has dug his head into psychology journals to research this character.

However, it is another example that, along with gender discrimination in the workplace, suggests that the fact that anchor the series is much smarter than it claims to be. Or it could simply be because it’s too funny. When Chani’s boss criticized Chani’s way of doing things, Brick was overly emotional. He screams the above, which gets even more hilarious as he continues to act like an ape.

Brick’s mandatory pick-up line to Veronica

“I want to send you an invitation to the pants party.”

Steve Carell as Brick Tamland doing a weather report in Anchorman

Oddly enough, it’s easy to feel sorry for Brick, when he’s forced by the gang to say things he doesn’t fully understand. IN anchorWhile the news team was whistling Veronica and treating her like a piece of meat, they persuaded Brick to invite her to a party in his pants.

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However, in typical Brick style, he totally screwed up the line. He transitions his lines elegantly, but he doesn’t even understand what he’s saying. And what makes it even sweeter is that he was so polite when Veronica turned down his offer and then he made the invitation to another coworker shortly after.

Brick’s Scientific Research on Female Anatomy

“I’ve read Their Menstruation attracts bears. Bears can smell menstruation.”

Brick smiles at Anchorman

The scene where four men get too upset about Veronica in Ed’s office is a goldmine for singles and a complete master at improvisation. That’s part of the reason why anchor now a classic.

While all the men calmed down and tried to come up with reasons they thought were valid as to why a woman shouldn’t work with them, Brick concurs with this gem. . It makes absolutely no sense, and it’s made even more funny by the fact that it sounds like something someone like Brick would believe if they read it.

Brick’s expert weather forecaster

“The wind is really… the wind.”

Brick laughs on TV in Anchorman

Although the blooper reel is arguably better than the movie, anchor 2 still great, and it continues that rich news comedy as the four of them are in the studio together. There are hilarious instigations from Champ about sports and from Brian about special features, but Brick’s weather reports continue to be utterly ridiculous.

Not only does Brick speak clearly with this quote, but as if the wind could be anything else. Not only that, it’s the perfect example of how flawed Brick is at work, how limited his vocabulary is, how he doesn’t know how to socialize, and how he How do you succumb to pressure? And in that respect, that’s Brick’s perfect quote.

Brick’s battle talk

“Where Do You Get Your Clothes… From the Store… The Toilet?”

Brick insults the Anchorman Night News Team

One of the original film’s most pivotal moments, and one of the few that was so clearly planned and rehearsed for how spectacular it was, was the epic battle between the announcers. Leading up to that big event was stiff competition between the Channel 4 news team and the Evening News Team.

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At the beginning of the film, two groups of messengers confront each other, exchanging insults. Yet again, Brick will be Brick and have absolutely no idea what’s going on. He managed to come up with this one-of-a-kind answer, and the coolest thing about it is that it took him so long to come up with such a blunt insult.

Brick Debriefing Battle of News Anchors

“Yeah, There Was A Horse And A Man Was On Fire And I Killed A Man With A Trident.”

Throwing a brick trident at Anchorman

The battle between messengers is the best part of anchorand the sequel features another battle on a larger scale. But this is the first movie to see Brick launch a grenade and literally wield a trident.

After Ron advises Brick to shut up because he’s probably wanted for murder, Brick fondly looks back on all the violence he’s committed. The playful way Carell delivers the line is what makes it a classic quote rather than the actual words he says. And an even bigger third battle, Lord of the Rings-like epic battle is why fans need one anchor 3.

Brick’s Adoration Of Inanimate Objects

“I love lights.”

Brick with lights in Anchorman

When Brick Tamland’s name was mentioned by fans, the phrase “I love lamp” immediately popped into their heads. There are few quotes, not just from Brick but from any character, that are more memorable than “I love the lamp”.

When it came to all the things the four anchors loved, Brick’s mind went blank. It also doesn’t start and end with a lamp, as he lists the things he sees in the room. Brick also loves the rug and the table, and it makes for the best Steve Carell movie moment.

Brick gives his own eulogy

“Brick is dead!”

Brick reads a eulogy at his own funeral in Anchorman

When Ron reunited the band in anchor 2Brian reports that Brick is dead. But when they visit Brick’s funeral, the eulogy is… Brick. The whole joke seems silly even by Brick’s standards, but again, he has an IQ of 46. And there’s nothing more amusing than having Brick get the impression he’s dead.

As a bonus, there’s an easter egg in the scene for the discerning viewer. There’s a reference to the classic “I love the lamp” scene from the first movie on his gravestone, only this time it says, “I love the toaster.”

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