Aang is Reimagined as an Older Airbender in New Avatar Fan Art

In this work, Aang becomes an older, more modern Airbender Avatar: The Last Airbender fanart. Nickelodeon’s much-loved animated show is making a comeback with its recent Netflix release. Old and new fans flocked in Avatar, It has long been praised for its fantasy world building and charismatic characters. Even the movie with real people plays a lot of malice the last airbending That doesn’t diminish its popularity; if anything, it cements fans unhappy with the way director M. Night Shayamalan changed the source material. to this day, Avatar Still one of the most popular children’s shows of all time.

Of course, Aang was both the official Avatar and the famous final Airbender. Avatar Originally, the four fictional nations of this world had been at war for a hundred years, and the only source of hope was the Avatar, a being that could bend all four elements. Avatar Siblings Katara and Sokka found Aang in an iceberg where he had been preserved for a hundred years. From that moment, Avatar Follow his journey to learn how to manipulate the elements so he can defeat the power-hungry Fire Lord who wants to rule the world.

Fans often like to imagine what the character looks like Avatar You look like you’re wearing modern clothes, or like an older person (see Avatar followed them when they were young). Artist Nicko Tumamak combines both elements in this Aang piece, which also brings a bit of dust to his hair. Honestly, he looks fine. You can see it for yourself in the space below.

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Fans get a glimpse of what Aang will look like as an adult in the sequel Avatar: The Legend of Korra. The series focuses on the Avatar after Aang, a sailor named Korra. So Aang actually died before the show even started. Despite this, Aang occasionally appeared in the spirit world, and the family he formed with Katara played an important role throughout the series. The legend of korraHowever, the older Aang didn’t have any hair except for his face.

although cartoon Avatar The show, long overdue, will be given a new contract for life with a Netflix live-action adaptation. The project was announced a few years ago, but since then there have been very few updates. Avatar’The film’s nascent popularity online has some wondering if the live-action adaptation will soon see new developments. At the very least, fans will be wondering who will play Aang in the series. At this point, it’s time for them to know.

Source: Nicko Tumamak/Instagram

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