4 Reasons Helen Is A Better Spy Than Harry In True Lies

Warning: Spoiler for True Lies Part 1, Episode 3

True lieHarry Tasker is Omega Sector’s best manager, but his wife, Helen, looks set to replace him soon. Helen became a spy only recently when she discovered that her husband was a spy throughout their relationship. Helen was able to use her kickboxing and yoga workout videos on set. She’s still in training, but he picks up on things very quickly.

cbs True lie based on the 1994 film, with some connections. The TV series followed up on the series’ testing before turning into a spy procedure that perfectly suited the CBS lineup. The series has a different mission every week.exist True lie In Season 1, Episode 3, Helen shows off her skills.

Helen replaces fabricated stories with real lies

Helen is photographed for the cover of a swimsuit model, and Harry (played by Steve Howey, who also stars in .) Shameless 11 seasons) is a shipping billionaire. The group’s goal is to convince Peter Voss to buy nuclear weapons from an engineer, a goal the team failed to achieve four years ago. He had a gambling problem and was hanging out at the casino with his girlfriend, Tiffany Mills, before the deal happened. Helen quickly realized their cover story wouldn’t feature Tiffany, so she told Tiffany that she herself makes money from shipping and that her boyfriend is a model.

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Harry looked confused, but Gib let him accept. Helen contacts Tiffany and they plan to meet again at the casino the next night. That was Helen’s quick thinking, and surprisingly, Harry wasn’t as quick to follow her lead as she was. He did it much longer than she did. This scene shows how natural she is, as she can easily pick up on people’s cues and react to what’s going on.

Helen stares at the people in the casino with true lies

harry and helen in true lie

The next night, Harry bets Peter that he lost money to buy weapons. In turn, he needs Harry’s help, which leads them to see the Engineer. Harry spent his time with Peter. Helen observed everything around them. When Peter dies, they realize that the Engineer has been spying on Peter, and Helen quickly deduces who the Engineer is. Harry looked taken aback again, but Helen says the training manual says to watch the people around you.

Harry’s team didn’t know who the engineer was until then. again, she is heavy The star character’s greatest strength is her quick thinking and serious training of her will help them complete important parts of their mission. Without Helen, the team could lose the engineer again and might have to wait another 4 years before they get a chance to bring him in.

In True Lies, Helen tells Harry not to ‘shoot and shoot’ according to the training instructions

Helen of true lies

Harry caught up with the engineer and told Helen to stay. Helen replied that he couldn’t”shoot and drive‘ It’s in the training manual. Harry looked confused again but let his wife drive. Helen clearly understood something when the engineer tried to shoot and drive but Harry was able to subdue him while Helen was driving.

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Harry doesn’t fully appreciate the important role his wife played in overthrowing the Engineer. He brought his wife into this life, but he seemed appalled because she was good at it. On the other hand, Gib (played by Omar Benson Miller, who also voices Raph in the film) Ninja Turtles cartoons) saw potential in Helen. And give her great support as she changes the cover stories. It’s funny to see Harry flustered and Helen replying, “it’s in the training manual‘ Bit can’t last forever, but she’s being such a great agent, it’s not necessary.

Helen is better at covering up lies than Harry

harry in true lie

True lie Season 1, Episode 3 explains the importance of their cover work to cover maintenance. For example, they earn the same salary as computer salesmen and professors – which doesn’t help when they have plumbing problems. They both really have to do their job as well. Harry’s entire team had to be reminded to do their monthly sales reports. Harry doesn’t even know how to do his sales report.

On the other hand, Helen pretends to be sick in Zoom class while on a mission. After she got out of class, Harry worried they wouldn’t make it to the casino in time, so she stripped off her wool vest and collared shirt to reveal a sexy black dress. She is on top of her spy game and cover job game. No one questioned whether Helen was a professor. Granted, she was a teacher before becoming a surrogate, but Helen still teaches her students as if she only had one job. In contrast, Harry hardly worked in computer sales.

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Harry may have been shocked at Helen’s quick acceptance of spying, but even Gib told Harry to trust her more. As a spy, Harry may be good at combat, but Helen is clearly better at reading tastes and reacting to situations. She may get tired of reading training manuals, but it’s still useful for her biggest task. Not sure what’s so good about training manuals, how she’ll surprise Harry next True lie.

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