10 Most WTF Lines In Madame Web

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mrs. Weber.


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    It received negative reviews, becoming the lowest-rated project in Sony’s Spider-Man universe.
  • Mrs. Webber’s
    The script was heavily criticized for delivering some of the most awkward and bizarre lines in comic book movie history.
  • mrs webb
    Some sequences and lines lack emotional depth and feel forced, diminishing the impact of important scenes.

Sony’s mrs webb Since its release on February 14, 2024, it has received a lot of criticism, in part due to some of the strangest and most confusing lines in the film. Set in Sony’s Spider-Man universe and adjacent to Marvel Studios’ MCU, mrs webb Taking viewers back to 2003, well before any of Sony’s previous live-action projects, the series focuses on Spider-Man-related villains and characters from Marvel comics. mrs webb Dakota Johnson’s Cassandra “Cassie” Webb saves three future Spider-Women from Ezekiel Sims’ rampage, and along the way, she gains precognition from rare spider venom The ability connects her to the vast “Spider World”.

mrs webb Receiving overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics and audiences, it grossed just $6 million on its opening night, giving it a 14% box office performance rotten tomatoes.This makes mrs webb It was the lowest-rated entry in Sony’s Spider-Verse, with specific criticism leveled at the film’s narrative, acting, visual effects, action sequences, and script. Mrs. Webber’s The script, in particular, delivers some of the most awkward, stunted, and weird lines in comic book movie history, many of which are considered the worst lines of dialogue in any superhero franchise.

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10 “Hope the spider was worth it, Mom”

Cassie Weber said as she reviewed her mother’s research

One of the key plots throughout the text mrs webb It’s Cassie’s mother’s research on rare spiders in the Amazon rainforest. Unbeknownst to Cassie, her mother was searching for a cure for Cassie’s myasthenia gravis, but Cassie had always assumed that her mother had carelessly continued her research during her pregnancy. Cassie said, “Hope the spider was worth it, Mom,” She looked through her mother’s notebook before learning the truth, but the statement didn’t make much sense. It’s unclear what Cassie is referring to, and the tone of the sentence is rarely emotional, making it difficult to take it seriously.

In the Marvel comics, Cassandra Webb was born blind and suffered from myasthenia gravis, although she helped Spider-Man web through the multiverse.

9. “You saved my stepmom, and then you were super embarrassed.”

Julia Cornwall says when she realizes she’s met Cassie Webb before

Julia Cornwall at Lady Webber Hospital

period mrs webb, Cassie comes into contact with three girls who all see him killing Ezekiel Sims in his visions. One of them is Julia Cornish, played by Sidney Sweeney, whose stepmother Cassie, a paramedic, has previously rescued her.When Julia, Isabella Merced’s Anya Corazon, and Celeste O’Connor’s Marty Franklin are researching how they met Cassie, Julia points out that Cassie “Saved [her] stepmother,” But at that time “Super embarrassing.” Cassie’s bumbling personality is a running joke throughout “Mrs. Webber,” but it seems like an unusual thing to do, while also revealing that Cassie did save Julia’s stepmother’s life.

8. “Check his abdomen.”

Cassie Webber talks to Ben Parker as he helps injured man

Shortly after Cassie begins experiencing her premonitions, she returns to work as a paramedic alongside Adam Scott’s Ben Parker (Peter Parker’s famous Uncle Ben). When receiving a call, Ben hurriedly put an injured man into an ambulance, but Cassie, who was far away, urged him to check the man’s abdomen. Ben then points out that the man also had internal injuries, but it’s unclear how Cassie knew to check the man’s abdomen. Cassie has no illusions about this particular man, so the moment feels very awkward and unearned, even though maybe Cassie’s job is simply incredible.

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7 “Either I pee myself or my water breaks”

Mary Parker said as she was about to give birth

One of the most exciting additions Mrs. Webber’s The storyline is an exploration of the Peter Parker family, with Ben Parker working alongside Cassie, and Emma Roberts debuting as Mary Parker, who becomes pregnant with the future Spider-Man. Unfortunately, Roberts’ portrayal of Mary Parker is disappointing, especially in the scenes involving her giving birth, as it doesn’t look realistic at all. This is especially true when Mary claims she either peed or her water broke. Of course, a pot-bellied woman about to give birth prematurely would know the difference, and Ben’s uncaring reaction only made the moment worse.

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6 “How do you know if you can climb a wall if you’ve never tried?”

Cassie Weber on Peruvian Spider-Man

As Cassie studied her mother’s old notebooks in hopes of learning more about Ezekiel Sims, she pondered how one would know if one could climb a wall if one had never actually tried it before. While the moment that follows, with Cassie seeing if she can stick to the wall of her apartment, is mildly amusing, this line is completely ridiculous. Spider-Man, and presumably Ezekiel Sims and Peruvian Spider-Man, all use van der Waals forces, which means thousands of tiny hairs that allow them to stick to walls. Of course Cassie couldn’t do that, and she knew it, so it was incomprehensible that she would even try.

5 “When your heart starts beating again…you’re fine”

Cassie Weber says during family barbecue

Cassie Webb at Madame Web's family barbecue

After her near-death experience, Cassie seems to jump right back into her daily life. During a job, Cassie finds herself trapped in a car that falls off a bridge, which leads to the release of her clairvoyant powers.Almost immediately afterwards, Cassie attended Mary Parker’s family barbecue and baby shower as if nothing had happened, noting “When your heartbeat comes back again…you’ll be fine.”Aside from making fun of the cardiac arrest and the fact that she almost died, Cassie as a trained paramedic certainly shouldn’t have said that and should have been more cautious.

4 “They are teenagers now, but in the future…”

Ezekiel Sims on the trail of Anya Corazon, Mattie Franklin and Julia Cornish

Ezekiel Sims in Mrs. Weber Opera

After stealing technology from the NSA to help track down Julia, Anya, and Maddie, Ezekiel Sims and his assistant Amalia, played by Zosia Mamet, begin a wider search for the girls. However, Amalia expressed reservations about going after the teenagers after creating casts of the girls’ faces.Many quotes from Tahar Rahim in Ezekiel Sims mrs webb It’s funny, but he noticed the girls “Now we are teenagers” But it won’t really stand out in the future. Although memorable for all the wrong reasons, this proves that Ezekiel Sims is not just the obvious Captain, but a monster as well.

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Ezekiel “Zeke” Sims gained his Spider-Man-like powers in the Marvel comics by performing a ritual rather than being bitten by a rare Amazon spider.

3 “Girls were never your future, I was”

What Cassie Webb said to Ezekiel Sims before his death

After years of seeing Julia, Anya, and Mattie in his visions as three Spider-Women killing him, Ezekiel Sims’s crusade against girls might just be the right move for him.However, in Mrs. Webber’s In the final battle, Cassie reveals that the three girls were never Sims’ future, but she was always hers. This isn’t true at all, as Sims is haunted by visions of the three girls, not Cassie. Mrs. Webber’s The final battle is a dizzying series of fireworks, so it’s hard to follow Cassie’s thought process, but this line makes it even more confusing.

Mrs. Weber Dakota Johnson Comics
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2 “When you take responsibility, great power will come”

Santiago says as Cassie Webb returns to Peru to find answers

After Marvel Studios Spider-Man: No Way Home Provides comic-accurate content “With great power comes great responsibility” line, not changed “With rights, we are also given great responsibilities.” previous row spider man project, mrs webb This iconic quote has been adapted once again.However, to hear José María Yazpik’s Santiago, one of the Peruvian Spider-Men, say “When you take responsibility, great power will come.” Nothing more than distracting the audience.This sentence feels forced. mrs webbIf Sony’s Spider-Verse decides to explore Peter Parker’s own story, it risks trivializing it.

1 “You know the best thing about the future? It hasn’t happened yet”

Cassie Webber says to the audience in a voiceover at the end of the film

Mrs. Webber’s The final moments gave viewers a sneak peek as Cassandra Webb finally appeared in her Spider-Man costume alongside Julia Cornish and Marty Franklin’s Spider-Women and Anya Corazon’s Alanya . While this had the potential to be an epic team-up moment for all of their superhero suits, the script once again significantly reduces the impact and drama of this moment.last words uttered mrs webb yes, “You know the best thing about the future? It hasn’t happened yet.” This line makes absolutely no sense, see mrs webb Finishes on a very sour and bland note.

mrs webb

Mrs. Weber is a superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The film takes place in Sony’s Spider-Man universe and revolves around a clairvoyant woman who can see into different dimensions. Dakota Johnson stars, along with Sidney Sweeney, Adam Scott, Isabella Merced and Celeste O’Connor.

Release date February 14, 2024

Director SJ Clarkson

Film length: 114 minutes

Key release dates

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